27 Fruits that Start with R (2022 Update)

  1. Raisin: A raisin is a dried grape. Raisins are produced in many regions of the world and may be eaten raw or used in cooking, baking, brewing and alcohol production.

2. Rambai: Rambai is a tropical fruit from Southeast Asia. The fruit is usually oval single or double seeded, either white or pale yellow in color, and has a soft, juicy flesh.

3. Rollinia Deliciosa: Rollinia deliciosa is an edible fruit that grows on trees or shrubs, mostly in the South American countries of Brazil and Paraguay.

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4. Rosegold Mango: Rosegold is a type of mango originating from Florida. They are considered early-maturing mangoes.

5. Rajka Apple: Rajka apple is a variety of apples grown in India and in Bangladesh. It is used in making different dishes and juices and is also recommended in the treatment of kidney stones.

6. Rambutan: Rambutan can be found mostly in South East Asia, is a medium-sized tropical tree whose fruits have soft spines or hairy projections that cover the surface of its thick, oval-shaped fruit shell.

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7. Ramontchi: Ramontchi is a fruit native to the Philippines which can be eaten either raw or cooked.

8. Raspberry: Raspberry fruit is small and fleshy, with a central cavity filled with seeds.

9. Red Banana: Red bananas are banana cultivars that have firm and bright red to dark pink-colored fruits and hence the name. These red bananas tend to be sweeter than yellow bananas.

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10. Red Bush Apples: Redbush apples are an Australian cultivar that looks like large strawberries when green, but turns deep crimson red when ripe. The flavor is very sweet and aromatic.

11. Red Delicious Apple: The Red Delicious apple is known for its vivid crimson color and sweet flavor. It was popularly grown in the U.S.

12. Raspuri Mango: Raspuri mangoes are Indian cultivars of mango that have a round to ovoid shape with a yellow-green to deep greenish-yellow color, depending on the degree of ripeness.

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13. Red Bayberry: Red bayberries are fruits that are covered by smooth reddish-brown shells. They are very bitter when unripe, but their bitterness goes away upon ripening, making them edible even before they become fully ripe.

14. Red Mombin: Red mombin fruit is edible and moderately sweet with a citrus flavor.

15. Redcurrant: Redcurrants are one of the most popular fruits for home gardeners. But, they’re often overlooked by commercial growers because their short shelf life doesn’t fit supermarket standards.

16. Riberry: Riberries are rich in anthocyanins giving them a distinctive red color.

17. Rockmelon: Rockmelon or cantaloupe is a fruit that belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae. It can be found in different colors, including green and orange.

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18. Rosehip: Rosehips are the pomaceous (apple-like) fruits of roses and they grow in clusters like grapes. They come from shrubs such as dog roses, briar, and other wild roses.

19. Rough lemon: Rough lemon is a citrus hybrid that has a bumpy exterior instead of a smooth one. Its taste is much sourer than ordinary lemons.

20. Red Huckleberry: Red huckleberries have a deep red color, hence their name.

21. Red Mulberry: Red mulberries are dark-red or bright-red fruits that are edible and can be found in Asia, North America, and Europe.

22. Rhobs El Arsa: Rhobs El Arsa is a fruit that is considered an underutilized crop. It is yellow in color, with rough skin that can be peeled off.

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23. Rocha Pear: Rocha pear is a variety of white-fleshed pear, endemic to southwest France and northern Spain.

24. Rangpur Lime: Rangpur lime is a type of lime with lemons and oranges, native to Southeast Asia.

25. RHOBS EL ARSA: Rhobs el area is a citrus fruit that has a round shape and green or yellow color.

26. Rukam: Rukam is a fruit from Malaysia which has a round shape and purple color. It tastes sour, but it is still edible.

heap of red rattan fruit isolated on white background

27. Rattan Fruit: The appearance of rattan fruit is strange because it has many layers that protect the fruit inside. The outside layer is bumpy, and it has tiny black dots all over them on the outside.