Walmart Customer Service Hours; Everything You Need to Know

If you want to return a product, make a complaint or inquire about something, you need help from Walmart’s customer services.

However, it is crucial to know when the customer service operates, whether you plan to visit the store or call.

Walmart Customer Service Hours?

Although Walmart’s customer services are consistent, they might vary slightly depending on your location and store.

Typically, Walmart’s customer service hours are from 8 am to 10 pm on Monday through Sunday. However, it is crucial to check via ‘Walmart Store Finder on the company’s website for surety because some stores close their customer care desks by 6 pm on Sundays.

What are Hours for Returns at Walmart?

If you are looking to return a product to Walmart for whatever reasons, there are specific hours dedicated for returns.

From Monday to Friday, customers can return products to Walmart between 7 am and 11 pm. However, on weekends (Saturday and Sunday), returns can only be done between 8 am and 10 pm. Depending on Walmart’s location, return hours can vary.

Ergo, customers are advised to double-check before visiting Walmart for returns.

How do I Get Through to Walmart Customer Service?

Reaching Walmart’s customer service is straightforward whether you want to do it online or via phone.

You can reach Walmart’s customer service via 1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WALMART). You can contact the Walmart customer service to:

  • Cancel order
  • Return
  • Тrack an order
  • Account access
  • If you have a problem with an order

Is Customer Service Open All Night at Walmart?

No. customer service at Walmart closes between 8 pm and 10 pm, depending on the location.

Walmart stores that do not run 24 hours close their customer service desks at 8 pm, while the stores that operate 24 hours close their customer service centers at 10 pm.

Does Walmart have Good Customer Service?

Although this question is relative, Walmart’s customer service is average because Walmart’s scores are higher in customer satisfaction than cable companies.

However, there are have been complaints about Walmart concerning how they treat their employees.

According to recent reports, some people claim that the employees are paid poorly, work long hours and most jobs are part-time (not permanent).

Therefore, some employees are not motivated to offer customers the best customer care services. Be that as it may, customer services vary from one person to another.

One customer’s experience might differ from another’s depending on the services they were looking for or the customer care representative who served them.

What is Code 5 at Walmart?

Codes are used to pass secret messages to colleagues or customers. However, not everyone is familiar with these codes.

There are numerous codes you might hear while shopping at Walmart; common ones include:

  • Red–fire
  • White – accident
  • Brown – shooting
  • Blue–comb
  • Black – hurricane or tornado
  • Green – hostage
  • Orange – chemical spill
  • Adam – lost child
  • 1 – shoplifting
  • 10 – dry-spill
  • 20 – wet-spill
  • 50 – get shopping carts from the parking lot
  • 99 or 300 – security
  • C – a customer requires/needs assistance

Why Shouldn’t You Go to Walmart?

Even though you like saving money, there are some reasons why you should avoid shopping at Walmart. Common reasons include:

  • Unreliable customer care services
  • They do not pay their employees well
  • They do not offer the best prices
  • Sometimes finding products at Walmart can be a nightmare
  • The stores are usually understaffed

Does China Own Walmart?

China does not own Walmart.

The Walton family founded and owns Walmart, with 50% of Walmart’s shares owned via the Walton Enterprises LLC & Walton Family Holdings Trust.

Other top investors include Vanguard, among others.

Is Amazon Better than Walmart?

When it comes to offering the lowest prices and expected value, Walmart wins by far.

However, statistically speaking, Amazon is better than Walmart. In 2019, Amazon’s revenue was approximately 14 times that of Walmart’s!

However, it all comes down to preference and your shopping style.

Is Targett Better than Walmart?

Walmart is the top pick to most people regarding reliability, bargains, and perks.

However, whether Targett is better than Walmart can be determined by your shopping style and the items you are looking to buy.

Targett provides an upgraded shopping experience, unlike Walmart, and everyone has a preference. Hence, it is difficult to conclude which of them is better.