Where Can I Inflate Helium Balloons? (Guide)

You can inflate the helium balloons in any place with a balloon pump and helium tank. If you fill balloons at a specific firm, you can either pay a small fee or get the service free of charge.

If you don’t want to pay additional expenses to inflate the new helium balloons, you can purchase the balloon pumps and helium tanks from the big-box stores or the party supply chains.

That will only help you in the small scale use. The two components needed to inflate helium balloons are cheap and require little maintenance.

Notably, if you lack the balloon pump and helium tank, then you’re out of luck. The two items are the essentials that you should have if you want to blow up the balloons.

There are places well known to offer the service of helium balloons inflation—for example, some of the Walmart outlets and the party supply stores.

Where to inflate helium balloons majorly depends on your geographical location and if the nearby helium balloon outlets can offer the service.

When it comes to cost, latex balloons are the cheapest to fill, and one balloon won’t cost you more than a dollar.

The Mylar balloons are themed, big and long-lasting; therefore, they are expensive to fill.

The filling price of Mylar balloons ranges from between $1 and $8 per balloon.

Does Dollar Tree Fill Helium Balloons Bought Elsewhere?

Helium balloons typically come uninflated, and Dollar Tree can help you blow them up. Unfortunately, the balloons bought from any other place cannot be filled at be Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree fills helium balloons for free if you’ve purchased them in-store or online.

Balloons | Dollar General

Does Walmart Fill Helium Balloons?

As of 2022, some Walmart stores can fill the helium balloons; not all the Walmart stores can fill helium balloons. Walmart charges approximately 0.25$ to fill helium in one balloon.

In addition, the few selected Walmart stores allowed to inflate helium balloons only blow up the balloons purchased from Walmart.

Luckily, Walmart sells helium tanks that you can buy to do the balloon filling by yourself at your convenience.

Foil Helium Balloons – Walmart

Does CVS Fill Helium Balloons?

After purchase, most CVS stores that sell the helium balloons fill them with helium. You also need to note that not all the CVS stores will fill helium in the balloons.

Only the CVS stores with the proper equipment for helium balloon inflation will do so in-store.

Unique Party Balloons, 25 CT – CVS Pharmacy

Can You Get Balloons Filled At Walgreens?

No, Walgreens doesn’t fill helium balloons. Walgreens is known to offer an extensive selection of products and services that guarantee the utmost conveniences and satisfaction.

Unfortunately, the task of blowing up the helium balloons is not within their scope.

Does Target Fill Balloons with Helium?

Target doesn’t fill helium balloons. The organization allows its customers to purchase latex and foil balloons plus helium tanks in-store or online.

You can blow up the balloons yourself when you have the helium tank.

Does Hobby Lobby Inflate Balloons?

Hobby Lobby can blow up a maximum of fifty balloons depending on the size to give your party a festive and fun-filled atmosphere.

You can fill the helium balloons two hours before the event, and the arriving guests will enjoy the marvelous colors flying up high to the clouds.

Balloons – Party Supplies – Party & Baking | Hobby Lobby

Do Supermarkets Fill Helium Balloons?

Supermarkets don’t fill helium balloons, neither do they sell the pre-filled foil balloons. However, some supermarkets sell helium tanks and balloon pumps to help you inflate the helium balloon yourself.

You can acquire the helium tank for as little as 34 dollars to help you fill around 50 latex balloons without any challenge.

Does Dollar General Sell Helium Balloons?

Dollar General sells helium balloons. In addition, most of its store locations fill the balloons.

The Dollar General outlets that offer the service of filling up the balloons with helium can inflate the jumbo, metallic, Mylar, and latex balloons for $0.50 or more.

You should have purchased the balloons in-store or online to fill the balloons at Dollar General. The firm doesn’t fill the balloons bought from elsewhere.

Balloons | Dollar General


Now you know the places you can visit to inflate the helium balloons. The options are many, but you will find one that fits your preferences.

In Summary, you can fill up helium balloons at Dollar Tree, Walmart, CVS stores, and Hobby Lobby. The places that don’t fill helium balloons include Walgreens, Target, and supermarkets.