Does Amazon Prime Deliver On Sunday In 2022?

  • In 2022, are there Amazon Prime Deliveries on Sundays?
  • Yes. Whether you are an Amazon Prime Member or a Non-Prime client, Amazon executes its delivery services seven throughout the week, including on a Sunday.
  • All you need to do is confirm that Amazon delivery services are available within your local area.
  • When you are sure of the daily delivery within your locale, you are better positioned to utilize even the Sunday Amazon Prime Deliveries.
  • Additionally, you can also place an order on Amazon Prime on Friday evening and receive it on Sunday. This works best when you are an Amazon Prime shopper having free two-day shipping.

What time does Amazon Prime deliver on Sundays?

The best thing about placing an order on Amazon Prime is that your package can easily reach you, even on a Sunday.

But what time does the package arrive? If you reside close to a major metropolitan city, you are better placed to receive Amazon deliveries around 9:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m on a Sunday.

This time range depends on the Amazon driver with the day’s delivery logistics.

Better still, the delivery time should not hinder you from attending to your Sunday plans since you can readily track your package with the help of your order specifications.

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Where Is Sunday Delivery Available?

Amazon usually delivers most of the orders to their customers every Sunday in most parts of the continental U.S.

Although Amazon has not yet formed networks to deliver packages in several remote areas, they have reached out to most cities and their respective metropolitan regions.

The deliveries have been successful on Sundays through Amazon’s partnership with carrier networks and delivery/logistics partners such as the United States Postal Service and UPS.

Here is how it works; after USPS and UPS receive the packages from Amazon, they take care of the local deliveries to each customer’s doorstep. Therefore, feel free to contact USPS or UPS to confirm your Sunday delivery.

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Is Sunday Delivery Free On Amazon Prime?

It is essential to note that getting a free Sunday delivery from Amazon depends on whether you are an Amazon Prime member and when you place your order.

With that said, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you are better positioned to receive two-day delivery at no cost as long as you place your package order on a Thursday or Friday.

If you would prefer one-day shipping, it is still available at Amazon. Another option involves paying an assured Saturday delivery at the cost of $7.99 for each item.

Unfortunately, if you are not an Amazon Prime member, receiving your package on a Saturday or Sunday may cost you even more.

But this depends on the seller and the item. Our advice is that you always confirm with the product page for the appropriate delivery choice and pricing.

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What time does Amazon deliver on Saturday?

The good thing about Amazon is that they also deliver packages to their clients throughout the weekend. That includes Saturdays.

So what time should you expect your parcel on a Saturday? Amazon delivers most of its eligible deliveries on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m.

However, depending on several factors, including your preferences, you may access early 6:00 a.m deliveries or late 10:00 p.m deliveries on Saturdays.

Does Amazon deliver on Sundays in the U.K.?

Yes. Because of the ever-increasing e-commerce competition, Amazon has strategized to go beyond its regular Sunday delivery locations in the U.K.

The rising competition has seen them expanding to offering their delivery services to seven more cities in the United Kingdom.

That said, if you are a Non-Prime Amazon member in the U.K., you can choose Sunday as your one-day delivery choice, which will cost you the standard approximate rate of 7.99 Pound Sterling.