Difference Between Dates And Prunes

  • The Difference Between Dates And Prunes Although Dates and prunes look similar when dried, they are completely different fruits.
  • They are both from different genera and are grown in different climatic regions.
  • A date is fruit on its own but a prune is a dried plum. In some countries, prunes are referred to as dried plums to avoid confusion.
  • Although the two fruits have a couple of differences, they contain culinary similarities.
  • The two fruits are exceptionally sweet and have been found suitable as an alternative to processed sugar found in baking.

Prunes and dates alternatives

Dates and prunes are very sweet leaving a lover to any of the two with no alternative. But who knows? Anything can happen.

The intense sweetness can be annoying for some people such that you might need to look for something sourer to make a balanced dessert.

Well, here are a couple of alternatives in case you need a variety of sweet and dried fruits to choose from.

Dates alternatives – Dried figs can be considered as a suitable substitute for dates. They however have small seeds that might be unpleasant to some people.

In this case, you can also opt to go for dried raisins, cherries, or dried cranberries. Dried apricots are also an option but you need to take into account that when used in desserts, they can change the flavor of the food.
Prunes alternatives – Prunes are not as sweet as dates and therefore not everyone would love their taste. In this case, you can use dried apricots in place of prunes because they have a similar taste when cooked.

In case you need a quick snack, dried figs would also fit in. It doesn’t matter which fruit you go for among the given options because they are equally delicious and healthy.

Dates vs prunes nutritional comparison

It’s not startling that the two might have comparable nutritional aspects.

As we expound on some of the studies that have been conducted on both, we will also compare their micronutrient profiles.

On the macronutrient side, both have almost similar constituents because both fruits are rich sources of fiber, calories, carbohydrates, and proteins with almost similar macronutrient proportions.

Dates might look all wrinkled up but when we take a look at its nutritional benefits, we might be impressed by how important this fruit is.

Dates are stuffed with elements such as zinc, iron, calcium, potassium, copper, phosphorous, and a ton of other micronutrients.


Prunes are a rich source of vitamins A and K and micronutrients as those mentioned in dates. That’s why they have almost similar nutritional benefits because they contain similar micronutrients with slightly different proportions.


Between prunes and dates, which is better for constipation?

Studies show that both contain fiber but prunes have a considerably high amount of fiber than dates because, in a 100 grams sample of each, prunes contain 7 grams of fiber while dates contain 3.2 grams which is almost half the amount contained in prunes.

In this case, prunes would be the superior fruit.

Health Benefits of dates and prunes

Dried fruits are important when it comes to health. Prunes and dates are essential but we should however be cautious of the amount that we take since the two are rich in calories which might not be worthwhile to take in high quantities for someone looking to lose weight.

They however have numerous health benefits.


  • • Dried prunes are known to prevent atherosclerosis.
  • • They improve vision since they are a rich source of vitamin A.
  • • prunes contain fiber and sorbitol that helps in digestion hence preventing constipation.
  • • prunes contain boron which helps in bone formation and is beneficial for people suffering from Arthritis.
  • • potassium in prunes maintains a good nervous response and a healthy heart.


  • • Fluorine found in dates helps to keep teeth healthy.
  • • Dates contain fiber that is essential in digestion.
  • • Vitamin B6 obtained from dates helps to keep our brain active and healthy.
  • • Vitamins C and D in grapes also help to prevent melanin accumulation and also act as anti-aging agents.
  • • Dates Improve bone health because they contain manganese, magnesium, and copper that help in bone formation.
  • • Dates are a rich source of protein that is essential for muscle formation.

Which is healthier between dates and prunes?
Both are rich in essential vitamins and minerals and are also rich in fiber. However, prunes are healthier because they have lower sugar content.
Do dates make you poop?
Dates contain fiber which is essential in digestion. They are therefore a good source of fiber that helps to prevent constipation. For constipation relief, you can take 5-7dates a day.