Where Are Capers in the Grocery Store?

  • Food enthusiasts will do anything to get their hands on every ingredient on earth.
  • Some of these ingredients are sought after for their taste while others are for their health benefits.
  • One such ingredient is capers.

Where Are Capers Found In The Grocery Store?

Capers are found in different locations. It all depends on the individual store’s policy. They are primarily found in the condiment aisle somewhere around pickles and olives.

Some stores stock them in the international aisle, around Italian products.

What Are Capers?

This plant is native to the Mediterranean. It is also claimed to be from Asia. It is a prickly perennial plant whose use dates back to 2,000 BC.

After picking, it is dried in the sun before being pricked with vinegar. Brim, wine, and salt are also used as substitutes for vinegar. That’s how it gets the tangy-like flavor.

What Stores Sell Capers?

Many stores are selling this ingredient, but we have listed the main ones.

  • Shoprite
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Whole Foods
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Publix

Great Ways To Use Capers?

The uses for capers are endless. Here are the most common ones.

  • They are used in making caponata pasta
  • People use capers in making Tapenade
  • It is also used in vegan Aioli

What Aisle Are Capers On In Walmart?

If you ever visit Walmart, the place you are most likely to find capers is the pantry section. If you want to locate them faster, walk along the international aisle around the pickled foods.

However, some are also likely to come across them in the pasta aisle.

Are Capers In The Spice Aisle?

It is improbable to find them in the spice aisle, but every store has different policies. You might find them, or you might not.

What Should I Look For When Buying Capers?

Kitchen experts suggest that the smaller a caper is, the better it is. There are different varieties of this ingredient: vinegar brined, oil-packed, and sea salt-packed.

These capers serve the same purpose, but the salt-packed one is a little pricey. You are advised to rinse all capers before cooking. Remember to chop them to increase their effectiveness.

What Do Capers Taste Like?

The taste depends on the preservation process; that’s where their flavor comes from. They are salty if they are preserved in salt; if preserved in vinegar, they get a vinegary flavor.

The most common preservation methods utilize lemon, oil, and salt. That is why most capers in the market have these flavors.

A combination of mustard and black pepper has been likened to the taste of capers.

Are capers healthy?

Capers are a smart way to add flavor without adding fats. Aside from adding flavor, capers are considered to have inflammatory properties. Other benefits include.

  1. Preventing Cancer. A combination of capers and red or poultry meat can reduce the creation of cell-damaging by-products and cancer development. Even a small amount of capers serve this purpose effectively.
  2. They Reduce Cardiac Arrhythmia Risks. One leading cause of arrhythmia is the dysfunction of the KCNQ gene family’s potassium ion channels. Capers contain bioflavonoid quercetin which improves the performance of the KCNQ. It does this by tricking it into opening its channels.
  3. Prevention Of Alzheimer’s. Regular consumers of flavonols like quercetin are at a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s. This is possible due to the presence of natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories in flavanols. They reduce cellular damage.

What Can I Use In Place Of Capers?

There are several recognized substitutes for capers.

  1. Green Olives. Their salty and acidic taste makes them the most sought after substitute for capers. The advised number is one olive for every two capers.
  2. Lemon. This fruit offers the acidity needed to fit the caper’s shoes. For the bitterness part, you can add some ground black pepper. It is, however, quite sour and acidic, so make your measurements as accurate as possible.
  3. Pickles. They are a little more intense but still a worthy swap. You can even opt to ditch the dark green color and go for red onions. They offer the same vinegary jolt but in pink color.

Bottom Line

Capers are wonderful ingredients, given their benefits. It is readily available in the market and relatively well priced. Considering the health benefits, the price of the product should never be an issue. It is also quite versatile in terms of uses.