Where to Find Rose Water in the Grocery Store?

Are you trying to locate rose water in the grocery store? Here are a few places that it might be in. Check in the following aisles.

What aisle is rose water in?

You will find rose water in the international aisle, also you can look around in the Indian, Latin, and Middle Eastern foods aisles.

What grocery stores sell rose water?

The following stores do sell rose water:




Ethnic Markets



Your Local Health Food Store

Whole Foods

Do clicks sell rose water?

Yes, they do sell various types of rose water. You just have to choose the rose water that you prefer the most.

What aisle is rose water in?

Your best bet for finding rose water is the international aisle, most especially around the Latin, Middle Eastern foods, and Indian. In some stories, you might find it in the baking aisle or where spices are located in the store.

This includes the aisle with agave nectar, honey, or syrups too. If you haven’t found the named aisles you may want to check with the seltzer and sparkling water section.

Is rose water clear or pink?

Pure rose water is transparent in color, this is because it is produced through steam distillation and this process retains the nutrients for the product and ensures that it is clear and pure.

Also, it can be pink in color, the tone of pink is mostly associated with feelings of love, and romance and it symbolizes compassion, intimacy, or tenderness.

Several colors are related to rosewater, and they include: rose red, rose quartz, dusty rose, and pink.

Why is rose water so expensive?

The reason why rose water is so pricey is that the product is derived from rose petals, purchasing these rose petals is not cheap either that’s increasing the cost of production.

A small amount of rose water is produced from a large number of rose petals which increases the cost of pure rosewater.

Since it is often used in skincare products this makes it expensive because of the numerous benefits it provides to the skin.

Rosewater is very beneficial when used and to gain from these benefits you need to dig down your pocket making the product expensive.

What brand of rose water is best?

There are numerous rose water brands in the market, and the brand that is deemed best depends on some factors such as price, preference, and upholding company.

Here are some of the well-known brands that sell the best rose water in the market, they include: Gaia Purity, Teddie Organics, Sally’s Organic, Natural Riches, Mary Tylor Naturals, Valentia, Leven Rose, InstaNatural, Poppy Austin, and Eve Hansen’s.

Is it safe to drink rose water?

Yes, it is safe to drink rose water. Rosewater poses anti-aging properties and its usage dates back to Mesopotamia where they would drink the water for its medicinal properties.

Drinking rose water helps hydrate your skin, and improves your mental and physical well-being since it contains Vitamins A, C, E, and B, which reduce stress and anxiety.

Drinking rose water also eases bloating, fluid retention, and constipation as well as improves digestion. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties it helps to soothe sore throat too.

How can you tell if rose water is pure?

Rosewater is used for several purposes since they boast medicinal and healing powers, it can also be used to make perfumes and oils as well as it can be drunk or eaten along with food.

This type of water is flavored with roses and the only way you can tell if packaged or bottled rose water is pure is by checking the reference attachment.

Most of the time the reference attachment is usually packaged together with the rose water bottle or at times it is given separately with the bill or package.

When checking for purity consider processes and properties and most the word steam distillation. This is the method that is used to prepare pure Rose Water, it retains the nutrients and ensures that the Rose Water is clean and pure.

If the rose water is not transparent in color it means that additives have been added to the product.