Where is jackfruit in the grocery store?

Jackfruit is inherently enormous and prickly on the outside. It happens to be the largest fruit from a tree, and people usually eat the fruit and seeds of the jackfruit tree as food or for medicinal purposes.

Where is Jackfruit in the Grocery store?

In most cases, the first stop in the grocery store is the product aisle. There are higher chances that this is where you will find some fresh jackfruit.

It could also be found in the section that holds mock meat. It is the place where you will find seasoned Jackfruit in a vacuum-sealed package.

You can also check the international aisles for Jackfruit, specifically the Asian ones. In addition, although rare, Jackfruit could be frozen; hence necessary to check the freezer for organic fruits and vegetables.

What stores sell Jackfruit?

The popularity of Jackfruit among consumers is exponentially growing, which is why several stores sell it. These stores include;

1. Whole foods– There are high chances of finding Jackfruit in whole foods, specifically around the produce section.

2. Walmart– Whether canned or frozen, the Walmart near you most likely sells it. You can purchase it either locally or through online means.

3. Publix– You can either find the whole fruit here or the canned form of it.

4. Ethnic markets– In case you do not find jackfruits in mainstream grocery stores, then ethnic markets have to be the final stop and are less likely to disappoint you.

5. Asian markets- Jackfruit is common in Asian cuisines and even grows in tropical Asian regions hence a high possibility of finding the fruit in Asian markets.

6. Amazon- You will definitely find Jackfruit in Amazon, and it could be in canned or dried form.

7. Safeway- The Safeway supermarkets will potentially provide fresh, canned, or prepared Jackfruit.

8. Kroger- One can also expect to find Jackfruit in one of these stores.

9. Trader’s Joe- This store has several branded items, and you can find Jackfruit in the canned aisle.

Why is Jackfruit so expensive?

Jackfruit is pretty expensive mainly because it has a niche market. This is a market that has unique needs with specific preferences.

The fruit also spoils quickly, which mandates sellers to package it to maintain its freshness.

Such aspects relatively increase its pricing and value.

Why is Jackfruit bad for humans?

Jackfruit could be detrimental to humans, especially those who have diabetes. This is because the fruit tends to lower blood sugar levels.

Such people will have to consult their doctor and have their dosage of anti-diabetic medication adjusted. Jackfruit is also not recommended to individuals that suffer from blood-related disorders.

The seeds of Jackfruit may have an immune-stimulative effect on patients undergoing immunosuppressive therapy and in patients with tissue transplants.
Certain people could also be allergic to Jackfruit, especially those who have allergic reactions to birch pollen. Furthermore, people about to undergo surgery are advised against it because it may cause excessive drowsiness when combined with certain medications.

Why does Jackfruit smell bad?

The main reason for its foul smell could be the combination of odors it gives off. It has a sickly sweetness and an undercurrent that of something that is vastly unappealing.

The presence of aromatic compounds in the flesh of the fruit makes it so smelly.

Can we drink water after eating Jackfruit?

It is not advised to drink water after eating Jackfruit because water may upset the process of digestion. This would, in turn, cause stomach aches.

However, some people are totally ok with taking drinks with Jackfruit, and it only depends on whether you feel good or not.

Where can I buy Jackfruit in the UK?

Amazon in the UK potentially sells a wider range of jackfruit produce, including fresh, whole, and canned Jackfruit. Tesco also sells canned Jackfruit in syrup.

Is Jackfruit sold in the US?

Jackfruit is definitely sold in the US. The Jackfruit Company is actually based in the US and offers a wide range of jackfruit produce.

It is the leading Jackfruit brand and sells everything from Plant-Based Pulled Pork to Teriyaki Jackfruit to Bulk Smoked Jackfruit. Its retailers include Amazon, whole foods, Walmart, etc.


Jackfruit is a healthy and sweet fruit that should be added to one’s diet. Like everything else, its consumption should be done responsibly to get all the health benefits it has.