Is It Safe to Eat Raw Salmon Sushi from the Grocery Store?

  • Sushi is a traditional Japanese staple food featuring raw or cooked fish with prepared rice added with vegetables and spices like vinegar.
  • Raw fish is wild and untreated, so it is not healthy to consume it raw in its wild form. This is because it has been contaminated with germs, bacteria, and parasites.
  • These contaminants are hazardous to your health because they can lead to severe illness. To prevent health risks, you should be cautious when purchasing Salmon Sushi for raw consumption.
  • Below are answered questions to help you decide whether to eat raw Salmon Sushi from the grocery store or not.
  • Is sushi salmon really raw?

Sushi Salmon is a raw fish wrapped in vinegar, rice, seaweed, or other ingredients like sugar, salt, and vegetables.

However, the main ingredient in Sushi Salmon is the vinegar rice {Sumeshi}, but its presentation varies widely with the styles of sushi, type of fish, and added ingredients.

Can you eat raw salmon from Costco or Walmart?

Both Walmart and Costco they sale raw salmon, It is advisable to eat raw Salmon from Costco. It is safe to eat raw salmon from Costco because of the following reasons;

  • • They source from licensed fishmongers,

    • They are always fresh.

    • They are farm-raised, which makes them have lower risks for parasites and bacteria. Meaning they are raised on feed pellets rather than eating infected parasites.

    • They do not suit for a long time on the shelf.
  • Contrarily, eating raw salmon from Walmart has its limitation despite how reasonably priced they are because of the following reasons;
  • • They do not have a specified fishmonger making the quality of fish questionable.

    • The price of raw salmon is not focused on quality.

    • Poor reviews from the clients and hygiene. Read the link

How is sushi-grade salmon different?

Sushi-grade Salmon is a raw fish free from bacteria, germs, and parasites, and is fresh or frozen, and is mainly served raw without any ingredients.

Contrarily, Sushi can either be raw fish or lightly cooked and served mixed with vinegar rice rolled with vegetables or several other ingredients. Moreover, Sushi tastes sour because of the added ingredients like Vinegar rice.

Can I eat raw fish from the grocery store?

Yes. It is advisable not to jump at it before consuming it because raw Salmon Sushi may contain parasites, germs, and bacteria.

These parasites and bacteria are not safe for your health since they can cause Anisakiasis {foodborne illness} and food poisoning.

Therefore, ensure it is free from germs, bacteria, and parasites by purchasing the one that has been previously frozen and treated Sushi {Sushi grade}.

For that reason, you should buy raw Sushi from the higher-grade grocery store and ensure it has been labeled as “Sushi grade,” “Sashimi-grade,” or “For Raw consumption.

However, the vital elements to consider when it comes to purchasing Salmon Sushi for raw consumption are:

• The type of fish. Some fish like Cod are prone to bacteria and parasites, making them unsuitable for consumption, whether frozen or fresh.

• Sushi-grade fish water source. Farm-raised fish are better because they do not contain parasites than from lakes and rivers, but make sure you consume the treated/frozen ones.

• The freshness and

• Whether it has been cured or frozen, you should settle for the one that has been frozen for seven days at or below -4 degrees Fahrenheit for the home freezer or frozen under a Commercial freezer for 24-48 hours.

Is it safe to make sushi with grocery store fish?

Yes. However, before making sushi with grocery store fish, it is essential to carry out the following procedure to avoid health complications. They include;• Confirm the type of fish you want to make sushi.

• Confirm the source of water the fish came from.

• Ensure it is fresh

• Lastly, you must freeze it for seven days at or under -4 degrees Fahrenheit for the home freezer or at least 24-48 hours under the commercial freezer. Freezing kills bacteria, germs, and parasites and avoids their multiplication.

If seven days are longer, you can Flash-freeze under the home freezer for at least 30-48 hours down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

• Cut up your Salmon and prepare it with clean utensils.

Can I use supermarket tuna for sushi?

Yes. You can only use supermarket tuna for sushi if it is fresh and kept over ice. However, it is good or healthy to confirm the source of fish and water to help you take maximum risks for preparing it to minimize health risks. Or

  • The fish should not be dark or dull in color; instead, it should be bright.
  • It should also be firm and smooth but not slimy to the touch because it indicates spoilage.
  • It should not have a strong smell because it means it has been on the shelf for a long time.
  • Confirm if the Tuna is fresh by checking the gills. If it has a small amount of blood or is red, then it is new.
  • The fish’s eyes should be bulged and clear. Avoid the one with cloudy and sunken eyes.
  • Ensure you purchase the fish from the licensed or trusted supermarket.


Suppose you are in a dilemma about whether to eat raw Sushi Salmon from the grocery or supermarket. It is advisable to consider the above elements to help you choose high-quality raw Sushi Salmon for consumption.

This is because it will help reduce the risks for parasites and bacterial infections to your health.

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