Does CVS Sell Stamps In 2022?

It’s almost the last quarter of 2022, and you’re in a bind. You need stamps for your Christmas cards, but the post office is closed. Where can you go to find them?

This article will explore whether CVS sells stamps in 2022, which alternatives are available if they don’t, and everything you need to know about purchasing stamps at your favorite pharmacy store.

CSV sells a wide variety of stamps in-store but not online. These postal stamps are available in bundles or booklets, containing 20 stamps each.

Such a booklet goes for $10. Unlike buying stamps at other places, which can be tough to get through with, CVS offers you a very streamlined experience.

What type of stamps can you buy at CVS?

CVS store sells a single type of stamp, which is a Forever Stamps. This type of stamp can be used to mail first-class letters weighing one ounce or less.

Forever stamps are not available as single stamps, only in booklet forms. These stamps also feature a general design such as hearts or the US flag.

This is one of the major drawbacks associated with buying stamps at CVS. This type of stamp is very generic and does not allow you to customize it according to personal needs or preferences.

You will have to buy from the post office if you need a custom design to correspond, for example, with a festive season or an occasion.

How much do stamps cost?

The price of stamps at CVS is $9.80 per stamp booklet. This is the same price that the stamps go for at the postal office.

If you’re the kind who likes saving a dollar at every opportunity, buying a booklet will save you $1.20 since the face value of a single Forever Stamp is $0.55. 20 individual stamps would cost $11.00, against the $10 prices for a booklet.

Forever stamps have another exciting feature–their value does not fluctuate even with changing postage prices. It would thus be a good idea to buy in booklets if you don’t intend to use the stamps for a while.

How much is a book of stamps at CVS?

As mentioned earlier, CVS does not sell individual stamps but in a booklet.

One such pamphlet contains 20 first-class Forever Stamps, and you can buy it for $9.80, which is lower than the price of 20 individual regular stamps at CVS. This price is inclusive of tax.

Where can I find stamps at CVS?

CVS is a pharmacy store, and it has its stores across the US. You can go to any of their 9600 stores and ask for stamps.
At the drug store, the stamps are usually by the checkout counter for ease of accessibility.

When you visit the store, just proceed to the cashier at the cash register drawer, and ask for the first-class stamps.

They will hand the stamp booklet to you with your payment receipt.

Does CVS sell stamps online?

CVS does not sell stamps online. However, their brick-and-mortar premises are so widespread that you should not have any difficulty in finding one near you.

There are currently around 9600 CVS stores in the US. You can visit any of them that’s nearest to you and buy stamps from their stock.

Just remember that since the nearest store may still be a distance from your home or business, buying in bulk (booklets) would be a better idea.

That way, you will not always have to walk up to the store whenever you need to use your stamps.

Buying in bulk is also economical and comes in handy whenever you have an emergency and need to send a letter urgently.

Does the Dollar Tree sell stamps?

The answer is no. Dollar Tree is a retail store where you can buy everything from household items to stationery and clothes. However, they do not sell stamps at all.

Instead, they have homemade stamps meant for kids’ fun stamping. One of their favorite DIY fun stamps is the Polka Dot design.

You can buy them during the different seasons that they are offered in their stores.

Are there alternative stores that sell stamps?

Sometimes the local CVS store may have run out of stamp booklets. You don’t have to worry about not having the stamps when you need them. The good news is that many other stores sell first-class stamps. These include:

With so many alternatives, you can be sure that you will always have stamps at your disposal when you need them.

CVS does not sell stamps online, but they have so many stores that you should not have a problem going to one near your place.