Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay in 2022?

Unfortunately, Dollar General does not take Apple Pay in 2022 as one of its payment methods.

If this is the only avenue via which you may make payments, you have no choice but to seek out other alternatives that it accommodates and incorporates in its payment bouquet.

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Does DG Have Any Smartphone Payment Options?

Indeed, Dollar General does support quite a number of smartphone payment options.

At the top of all these is its own DG Go app. This app scans your shopping and sums the total for eventual processing and settlement.

You have to download it on your phone to make use of it.

Other than its own app, it also supports other forms of payments that also leverage smartphones to affect the transactions.

For instance, you allow for the use of cards like MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Of course, these cards also have apps that may be used via smartphones.

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Can you pay with your phone at Dollar General? Using DG Go?

It is indeed possible for you to pay for merchandise with your phone at the Dollar General store using the DG Go app.

This is an app that is developed and intended solely for placing orders and making purchases.

It cuts the hassles you may often have to endure when attempting to have an order fulfilled.

To make use of the app, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go to the Apple app store if your phone has an iOS operating system or Google Play if yours has an Android operating system
  • Download the app from either store
  • Install the app and then supply your credentials
  • You will then swipe or scan your phone at the till each time you have goods in your cart
  • The app shall automatically process the payments and reflect the transactions in your bank accounts

What forms of payment does Dollar General accept?

Apart from its own DG Go app, Dollar General also accepts the following forms of payment:

Debit cards

The store accepts debit cards from all the leading banks in the nation. Its acceptance of these cards is informed by the fact that they are safer.

Unlike checks or credit cards, debit accounts already have the money to be spent. Chances of the orders bouncing are hence unlikely to arise.

Credit cards

Credit cards are overall quite risky. Nonetheless, there are several firms that are a little bit more reliable and hence able to service the debt well.

Dollar General recognizes them as well and accepts them as a mode of payment. They include MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Hard cash (fiat money)

Of course, as is the case with any other store, this too accepts the hard cash or fiat money.

To make do with this mode though, you will have to present yourself individually and physically at its stores. This form is mainly relevant for smaller transactions that require less money.

Bank check cards

Further to the above, it also accepts some bank check cards. These are checks that are issued by the banks rather than the individual account holders.

They are subsequently safer and less at risk of default. Dollar General charges them immediately you place an order.

Can I enter my EBT card manually at Dollar General?

Sure, it is possible for you to enter your EBT card manually at the Dollar General store. Nonetheless, each store has its own unique set of rules that govern the use of the cards.

It is incumbent upon you hence to confirm with your store before embarking on the use of the card for purchasing goods.

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Does Dollar General take cash app?

Indeed, Dollar General accepts the cash app. The beauty of this app is that it links your bank account with your debit and credit cards.

Thus, it works to facilitate the exchange of goods and services while also reflecting the changes and the balances in real-time.

Does Dollar General take EBT in 2022?

This store indeed takes EBT in 2022. Thus, you may choose to visit it to redeem your benefits to groceries and other goods that are provided for under the food stamp program.

Kindly note though that each state and store has its own rules of engagement concerning the use of these cards.

Does Dollar General accept Samsung pay?

Unfortunately, this store does not accept Samsung Pay. We recommend the use of its own app, DG Go, instead of this app if you have it only.