Does Target Drug Test in 2022?

Yes, Target has a firm drug testing policy which includes pre-employment and post-offer physicals.

The best place to get information on this is by going to the official company website at

On this page, you can find a list of jobs with different levels of responsibility, from warehouse work to managers.

Once you find the job of interest, click it to get detailed information on employment regulations.

There is detailed information on drug testing regulations in both the vocational and managerial sections of their official website.

Why do they drug test?

Target has a very specific policy against substance abuse among its employees, which includes pre-screening potential staff for illegal substances before hiring at Target or any other company under their corporate umbrella (such as general merchandising group, field warehousing group, etc.).

Suppose an employee is found to be engaging in illegal activities while on the job, then that person may be subject to disciplinary action or termination of employment depending on their actions/behaviors while working with Target.

There are different rules set out by federal and state law, so the company needs to have a clear drug testing policy to avoid legal complications.

Who is tested?

Target does not announce the percentage of employees being tested at any given time. It also depends on what department you are applying for within Target, as recreational and medical departments will have different regulations regarding who has access to certain areas in their stores.

There are jobs that require random drug testing after employment, such as marine cargo handlers and liquor store clerks in states where these activities are restricted by law.

When do they drug test?

According to company policies listed on their official website, potential staff members must pass pre-employment screenings before they can be hired (which may or may not include drug testing).

Some managers may be required to pass post-offer physicals, which may include drug testing.

Target Corp., like many other companies, will pre-test employees for drugs before they are hired. This includes recent hires who have not completed their initial training or orientation period.

If you are offered a job at Target and fail the initial pre-employment tests (which include urine sample screenings), then you will need to wait until your conditional offer of employment is rescinded before you can apply again for this position or another similar position with the company.

Although Target does not test the current staff of stores or distribution centers through random screenings, there are exceptions depending on state regulations.

What happens if you fail a target drug test?

If you terminate your employment with Target and refuse to take any pre-employment screenings, then you will not be able to come back as an employee until your conditional offer of employment is rescinded (which may be after a period as long as 12 months or more).

There are some exceptions to this as well; for example, if you quit for medical reasons related to the use of illegal drugs.

Does getting hired mean I can do drugs?

No, Target does not give its approval to drug use by employees.

All staff members who work with and around customers and their products and services (including cashiers and pharmacy employees) must pass regular drug tests based on company policies.

However, even those working in non-public areas have been known to fail these tests from time to time.

If you are using illegal drugs while employed at Target, then your employer will take disciplinary measures up to and including termination of employment for that reason alone.

What do target drug tests look for?

Target workplace drug tests check for cocaine metabolites (the chemical left after the body breaks down an addictive stimulant known by many names), amphetamines (which may be the same thing as methamphetamine or crystal meth), and phencyclidine (another stimulant taken illegally).

If you use any of these drugs on a regular basis, then you might want to consider not applying for work with Target until your habit is no longer detectable in bodily fluids.

The website has clear guidelines on what substances companies should screen employees for; other than alcohol, which is prohibited during the pre-work period, it is your responsibility to know what will set off a positive result.

What about prescription drugs?

Target only screens for illegal substances; you can use prescribed medications at work as long as they are legal and do not interfere with your ability to carry out regular tasks (including transferring or lifting large boxes).

Do retail jobs drug test?

The majority of Target stores do enforce their drug-free workplace policy, which means all employees must pass pre-employment screenings before being hired.

Employees who work with customers directly, such as cashiers and pharmacy staff, may also be subject to random drug tests if their job requires interaction with the public.

Drug testing outside of this program is usually confined to certain positions and certain locations.

For example, some areas of Target distribution centers may require pre-employment screenings or random tests; however, this is usually only the case if the job requires work in a secure area (for example, overnight).

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What about tips?

Target does not deduct money from employee wages for tip violations such as failing drug tests.

However, employees who are convicted of dealing drugs at work will be terminated and reported to law enforcement agencies.

The company also has detailed procedures that it must follow when an employee fails a drug test: staff members with positive results must be treated with respect and fairness during the disciplinary process, and management will assess each situation independently before determining whether or not further action needs be taken.

In conclusion, Target drug tests for illegal substances and does not like to take risks with employees who may fail workplace screenings.

Applicants should consider how their past drug use will affect future employment prospects before applying; the job market is extremely competitive, and employers are starting to make hiring decisions based on recreational habits as well as work history and qualification levels.