Food delivery that accepts cash.

Uber Еats app

This is an app that delivers food to different places once you have ordered through the numbers they provide for people to contact them when they need food.

Uber eats is an app that accepts cash when they have delivered food to your place. This app is widely known by many people for its service, making it to many ranges of restaurants and eateries across different parts.

What Is Uber Cash?

You can choose anything you wish to have and deliver it to the company workers when you have this app.

The app delivers their food item to your area. Once you have ordered the food and delivered it, you must confirm the order.

The uber driver will reach your area within a short period and the products you ordered delivered. The app is one of the reading apps that accept cash delivery in the USA.

After becoming a member of this app, the company will be providing food to your place once you order.

Having a range, it becomes easy for you to choose the product you want to be delivered to your place.

The uber eats app accepts credit cash payments and gives an easy way for people who need to spend their cash.

You can place the money on a specific corner, and the uber eats delivery driver will pick them up when you have placed your order.

After you have delivered, it is essential to keep contacting the delivery driver at the right location to deliver the food.

How to pay with cash on Uber?

Even if there is cash payment on food delivery to this company, there are places where cash delivery is not allowed because the company is a cashless business.

An excellent example of such an area is south Africa. The following are ways you can pay cash for food delivery using uber eats company.

Open uber eats on your device like a mobile phone or tablet. The application icon usually looks like a fork on a circular background with a piece of information that says “Uber Eats.”

The information given here will be displayed on your home screen once you install the app on your device.

If you have not logged in already, you will be asked to register first or log in with your Uber account that you will be used to order food when in need.

After registering, you tap the restaurant you want to order food from. Once you complete registering, there will be thumbnails that will show the restaurants near your area that give uber eats delivery.

You can then select the restaurant near you or one with small charges or the one with special offers. If you selected, you could change the delivery address it does not show the correct information.

You can also choose to pick up where delivery is done without charges.

Paying with cash – Uber Help

Add food to the order you have made. After selecting the restaurant, you will see their menu to see whether what you need is present, like in the case of breakfast, then tap the menu item.

You have to make choices like toppings or sides before tapping the plus icon (+). You only get items from the restaurant in the cart you make at a time.

Tap view cart when you have decided to order food. You usually see a pop-up at the bottom of the screen when you have ordered a production cart.

You may decide not to tap and choose no thanks when you have changed your decision or what to make changes.

After deciding the food item, you need, you will decide the payment method you will consider favorite.

The card you add during registration will display as the default unless you decide to pay in cash. You can decide to pay in cash if available in your area.

Tap the cash section if it’s available. If the option of cash payment is not allowed in your area, it will not appear.

Tap place order to confirm the order. You will get an email to show that the order has been placed, and you will be able to track your products from the restaurant to your place.

After the driver has arrived, you pay in cash.

How to make cash payment for uber eats

Open the app on your device. Tap on your profile in the bottom right corner to make a payment.

If cash method is allowed in your area, you will be able to select cash, and if not, available it will not appear in the options. After clicking cash, you will have an exact change when your order is delivered to your area.

How Payments Work for Delivery People | Uber