Dry Ice Near Me. (You’ll Be Surprised…)

Is dry ice sold at Walmart?

Dry ice can be purchased at Walmart. It will not be on display with the regular merchandise. A customer will need to speak to someone at customer service to get the dry ice.

Not every Walmart will have dry ice for sale so a person should call ahead and ask. Walmart does have a freezer section where they will be able to store the dry ice.

They have enough customers that shop at the store where they can keep dry ice in stock.

Penguin Brand Dry Ice – Walmart.com

Do grocery stores sell dry ice?

There are some grocery stores that sell dry ice. Before purchasing the dry ice a customer should call ahead of time and schedule a time to pick it up.

This will allow the dry ice to be ready and nothing will be wasted. There are some grocery stores that will have the storage to sell dry ice.

If a store decides to carry dry ice it will be based on the demand and the needs of the customers.

How much does dry ice cost at Walmart?

The price of dry ice at Walmart is usually between $1.00 and $1.44 per pound. This is a good price for dry ice. On the higher end if

dry ice is scarce it can sell for as much as $3 a pound at some chains. If a customer is asking for a special order and additional dry ice needs to be ordered the price can go up.

The figure above can give a person an idea of how much dry ice is going to cost based on the amount that they need.

Does Publix sell dry ice?

Most of the Publix stores will sell dry ice. It is best to call ahead to make sure there is dry ice in stock. Most of the stores will have dry ice.

This is a major grocery chain and they are able to have the freezer and storage facilities to store the dry ice.

They have also seen an increase in customer demand for the dry ice so this grocery store decided to continue to carry it.

Penguin Brand Dry Ice – Product Details | Publix Super Markets

Where is dry ice located?

It is located in a specific dry ice freezer section that is close to the bags of regular ice. This can also be near the entrance of the store or the checkout areas.

Most of the stores will have a specific freezer for the dry ice. Dry ice will need to be kept frozen so if a person cannot find it they should check the frozen section in a store.

They can always ask an associate for help with this.

Does Target sell dry ice?

According to recent information, Target stores do not sell dry ice. As of 2021, these stores will not carry dry ice.

Target has stated that they do not have the storage facilities or the freezer space to sell dry ice at this time.

Some Targets do sell frozen food and have a frozen section but they do not have a section for dry ice.

Does Target Sell Dry Ice In 2022? (Do This Instead…) | QS

Does Walgreens sell dry ice?

At this time dry ice cannot be purchased at Walgreens. They do not have the proper storage area or freezer to sell this dry ice to customers.

At this time they feel there is not enough demand to add a section for dry ice in the stores. They will continue to look at demand from time to time.

Does Home Depot sell dry ice?

At this time Home Depot does not sell dry ice. They do not have the freezers needed to sell dry ice.

In the future, the company may look into adding these freezer facilities if the demand would increase where it would be profitable for the business.

Does Aldi have dry ice?

At this time Aldi does not sell dry ice. The company looked at this product and the demand was not high enough for them to install the facilities to store it.

They did not have enough demand to sell dry ice in volume.

Volume is how they purchase most of these products and there was not a high demand to make it reasonable for the company to purchase and store a large amount of dry ice.