The Top 10 Grocery Store in Las Vegas in 2022.

  • Independent local grocers have had a difficult time surviving and even thriving since the rise of the chain superstore.
  • Here are the top ten places to buy groceries in Las Vegas now that the days of the neighborhood-friendly grocer and loyal customers seem to be over.

1. Whole foods market

One of the nicest places to visit near the airport is the Town Square shop.

While still under Amazon’s management, the stores are mixing high-quality prepared foods and food on the go with reduced baseline pricing to better serve their customers.

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2. Walmart

Walmart dominates the market in the city thanks to the presence of over ten Supercenters.

Note the latest investments in in-store look-and-feel, pricing investing, e-commerce integration, and private label development as well as the new fresh produce layout that has been rolled out.

By far the closest shop is in McCarran Marketplace.

3. Trader Joe’s

The Downtown Summerlin location, on the city’s western side, is likely to be one of the busiest.

Low costs and high-quality private-label goods are a winning mix for the merchant. Shoppers like the idea of a smaller format and the convenience it provides.

Low prices on distinctive culinary items, such as cookie butter and turkey corn dogs, are well-known among Trader Joe’s devotees.

The company is also well-known for its eccentric corporate culture.

There is a lot of helpfulness among the staff dressed in Hawaiian shirts, and plastic lobsters are employed as store decorations.

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4. Kroger

Smith’s Food and Drug is the retailer’s large-format supermarket, which provides all essential services under Smith’s Food and Drug brand.

Ecommerce and private label, as well as Walmart’s efforts in foodservice and natural foods, are all major areas of concentration.

Kroger has long been known for its ability to innovate.

Kroger is a firm that evolves and adapts in response to consumer and competition trends, from the reinvention and reconfiguration of store settings to its Simple Truth brand’s push into organics and healthful goods.

5. Sprout Farmer’s Market

This is another natural and organic store that is making an effort to raise its profile.

As well as enhancing its prepared foods and deli offerings, the company is launching private-label lines centered on health, innovation, and value, as well as adding new digital ways for customers to interact with it.

There are five Sprouts locations in Las Vegas.

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6. Glazier Food marketplace

Many things found only at Glazier’s Marketplace can be found at Glazier’s Marketplace, including basic grocery and pre-made items.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has named Glazier’s the best grocery store in Las Vegas six times, so a visit there will change the way you shop for groceries from now on.

7.168 Market place

168 Market, a big Asian market in Las Vegas’ Chinatown, is one of my favorite places to shop in the state.

This supermarket has a wide selection of authentic Asian foods, including an entire aisle of noodles, which is a particular favorite of my daughter’s.

Spend a leisurely afternoon perusing the aisles of this amazing Nevada supermarket.

Also in Reno, at 3090 S. Virginia St. (775) 823-9918, you’ll find a 168 Market.

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8. International marketplace

In Las Vegas, this is the go-to supermarket for cuisine from all around the world.

It’s a trip to this massive supermarket that should be at the top of your Las Vegas bucket list if you like Asian (Vietnams, Japanese, Chinese Korean, and Thai) or UK (specialty) foods or Dutch or Italian cuisines.

9. Khoury Market

With only three Nevada sites, this lovely grocery retains a small-town ambiance, courteous service, and loyal customers while being comparable in size and merchandise to larger chains.

Additionally, there are two locations of Khoury’s in Spring Creek: one at 568 W. Spring Valley Ct. (775) 738-9249, and the other at 282 Spring Creek Parkway.

10. WinCo Foods

While WinCo Foods’ prices are amazing, their fruit wasn’t all that great, but if you’re looking for snacks and an assortment of different snacks and sweets, they have bins full of goodies that you won’t generally find at regular grocery shops.

Sixlets were one of my many favorite candies because they come in a variety of colors and can be purchased in large quantities. For Las Vegas, WinCo is the place to go if you want excellent bargains!