Where to Find and Buy Kimchi in the Grocery Store?

  • Looking everywhere in the supermarket for Kimchi?
  • Well, here are some of the aisles you should be looking for.
  • We will also tell you which shops and stores you are likely you get this amazing product.

Top Grocery Store Aisle to Buy Kimchi

Like any food and snack, you will find Kimchi in the produce aisle; many supermarkets and open stores normally place it in the refrigerated section with pickled and fermented products as well as mock and tofu meats.

When buying, ensure that it’s vegan as many packed kimchi products have some seafood ingredients.

You might as well find vegan Kimchi on the raw and natural food shelf, but the best and sure spot is in the refrigerators.

If none of the above gives you your product, extend your search to the international aisle and if you are not having any traces of success, try one of the supermarkets listed below.

Stores Selling Kimchi

Amazon: The easiest way to buy harder-to-get staff is through the Amazon worldwide market. You can buy vegan kimchi products and find milder or spicier products to suit your needs.

Walmart: Conveniently, this platform carries brands that make some vegan kimchi like Nasoya and Seoul. Take a look at the shelves locator for product availability and buying a policy.

Safeway: If you are a safe shopper, you should be able to find and pick some of the latest Kimchi.

Your Local Food Store: Independent health foods shops are great places to buy and find Kimchi and other yummy fermented products.

And when it comes to storing or refrigerating this amazing spicy vegetable, you might have some smell in your freezer; this is because this fermented spicy food has some odor.

In order to deal with this, ensure you check out some of the options for the right container for kimchi storage info.

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Best kimchi recipes

Mery’s Kimchi Recipe for both Homemade and Vegan

  • 1head Napa Cabbage
  • 1 Small daikon Radish
  • 5Scallions, slice then into 1-Inch
  • Six garlic ginger
  • One potato
  • 1-inch ginger
  • One onion
  • ¼ Asian or fresh pear and sauce
  • Two teaspoonfuls of sugar and salt

How to Cook

  • Wash all the cabbage and spices; this is important to kill or remove all the germs that might produce some enzymes that will interfere with the fermentation process.
  • Make your sauce; This is to make a paste that you will use to smooth all the content for your kimchi sauce.
  • Add your sugar and salt to taste this should entirely depend on your liking; if you like it salty, then the sugar should be less, but if you like it sweet, you should reduce the sugar.
  • With an all-in-one bowl, you can cover it for fermentation to start.
HOW TO MAKE VEGAN KIMCHI | Mary’s Test Kitchen

What is the best kimchi brand?

Let’s cut the whole shopping thing down and look into details on the best Kimchi in the market.

Though this question depends on or varies from one person to the other, and to bring a list you can trust, we had to compare all the options, and here are some of the best.

A tangy, umami-loaded, spicy condiment usually prepared from pickled radishes or cabbage makes the best choice.

It has been used and consumed in Korean culture for its flavorful heat, deep taste, and digestive benefits. Here is the top best Kimchi for you to buy.

Madge’s Mild Vegan

Made with fresh fish or any flavored sugars, it comes with a mild Vegan taste and a mellow flavor, making it the best on our list.

If you are into ginger, Asian pears, and garlic, this is your best option as it is blended to fit different flavors.

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Red Napa Cabbage

Whether you are spicing up your fried fries, or rice, or just adding up some spicy heat to your dinner, then the red Nepa should play kitchen cards well.

This is because it is fresh, crunchy, and comes in different flavors, making it one of the best choices when looking for Kimchi.

Where can I buy good Kimchi?

As we said before, you can buy your fresh Kimchi in retail stores across your town or extend your search online to Amazon, Walmart, Safeway, and many more outlets in your town.

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Is store-bought Kimchi good for you?

Kimchi is a fermented food, and yes, all the store or shelf-bought Kimchi is good and comes with many probiotic benefits.

So, just like other foods you buy on the shelf, store-bought Kimchi is safe and good for human consumption.

Why is Kimchi bad for you?

Before we clear the air on which product is bad for you, the bacteria used to treat or ferment Kimchi is safe and approved for human consumption.

However, suppose the product is not well preprepared or refrigerated.

In that case, the fermentation cycle can cause some food poisoning, and as a result, users with compromised immune should take a lot of caution when taking Kimchi or any other fermented products.


What is Kimchi called in English?

Kimchi is derived from a Korean pronunciation. Its real pronunciation in English can either be Kimchee or Gimchi, a traditional Asian side dish made of spices and vegetables.