Target Dress Code in 2022. (Jeans, Red Shirt + More)

Can I Wear Any Red Shirt To Work At Target?

Yes, you can. At Target you can wear any type of redshirt so long as it is work-appropriate that is in terms of modesty and movement.

Target’s policy is that whichever shirt you choose to wear should be fully red, that is you can wear fully red shirts, hoodies, t-shirts, polo shirts, and sweaters.

The shirt you choose to wear shouldn’t have any designs or logos.

What Shoes Should I Wear To Work At Target?

Target’s official policy recommends that the workers should not wear open-toe or open heel shoes.

Therefore, wearing sandals, heels, or flip-flops is not allowed at work. The shoes that Target employees should wear at work include boots or sneakers.

Can I Wear Crocs To Work At Target?

This depends on the type of crocs you want to wear. The policy at Target considering shoes does not allow open heels or open toes because of safety.

You can wear your crocs to work if they don’t have open heels or open toes and this is according to Target’s policy.

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Can I wear a hat in a store?

This varies from one store to another, is some stores if you work as a cart attendant then you are allowed to wear a hat.

The staff working inside the store such as those working on the register are not allowed to wear hats.

Unless they are promoting a brand, before wearing a hat to work it is important to ask the management if you can wear your hat or not.

Can I Wear Jeans To Work At Target?

Target allows the employees to wear jeans and khaki-colored pants. This policy does not apply to every Target store, it is recommended you check with your supervisors before wearing jeans to work.

Can I wear black jeans At Target?

This depends from one store to another, Target official policy allows staff to wear pants of any solid color.

You can wear your black jeans to work. As long as the pants do not have any logos, designs, or intentional rips you can wear them to work.

Can Target employees wear shorts?

This depends from one store to another and if you do trash or cart or other departments you are allowed to wear shorts while at work.

Some stores in the summer allow staff to wear shorts but only those who do cart or trash.

Can Target employees wear jean shorts?

No, this is against the dress code. Jeans are the new normal but jean shorts have not yet been accepted by Target Corporate.

Does Target Allow Colored Hair?

Yes, Target allows single-shade or multi-colored hair at work.

Target’s motto encourages its staff to be who they are and thus they allow different fashion choices as long as these do not hinder their work.

You can have your dyed and colored hair while at work.

Can I Wear Earrings At Target?

Yes, you can wear earrings while at work. So long as your earrings do not pose a health and safety hazard. Employees are allowed to wear any jewelry as long as they do not pose a health or safety risk.

Does Target Allow Staff To Have Tattoos, Beards, and Piercings?

Target allows its staff to have tattoos, beards, and piercings. Target encourages its staff to be comfortable in their skin and it is common seeing the staff having their tattoos on show.

Beards are also allowed at Target, but if you are working in the food section and items such as the café, bakery, or deli you are required to wear a hairnet for safety and hygiene reasons.

Whether it’s earrings, nose rings, or any other form of piercings, Target employees can express their identity using piercings while at work.

What Should I Wear For A Job Interview At Target?

The first impression is important and as it is with any interview you need to present yourself as a professional and it is best to do so while wearing smart clothes.

For your job interview at Target, you should wear smart casual outfits which will give a great impression about you.

This shows you are dedicated and you have done your homework. Wearing a redshirt for your interview is also a great way to make a good impression for the interview.

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