Home Depot Dress Code in 2022?

  • Home Depot, one of the biggest retailing companies dealing with home improvement products, has more than 400,000 workers.
  • The employees are easily recognizable in-store due to their iconic orange aprons.
  • If you are applying for a job or just got a job at Home Depot, you may be wondering what Home Depot dress code 2021 is.
  • Keep reading to know what to wear on at Home Depot in 2021 and much more.

What Should I Wear to Work at Home Depot?

While working at Home Depot, you are encouraged to look well dressed and professional even though there is no set uniform.

The Home Depot dress code permits employees to wear pants and shirts of any color. You can wear jeans, knee-length shorts, hoodies, and slacks with no holes or other damages.

Also, you can wear shoes that are comfortable and in good condition.

However, whatever you wear should be Logo-free and should not promote political, religious, or other personal beliefs.

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What Is the Uniform?

The Home Depot does not have a set uniform other than the orange aprons.

Almost all Home Depot employees are required to wear aprons that serve as protective garments and enable customers to identify them with ease.

The only exception is the Merchandise Execution team, which wears a black or orange collared shirt with the company logo.

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Can you have dyed hair at Home Depot?

Many Home Depot stores will not have issues with dyed hair as long as it does not pose a safety risk or is too noticeable to distract others unnecessarily.

However, since different stores have different policies, it is wise to check with your Home Depot Manager whether colored hair is acceptable.

Does Home Depot allow employees to wear hats?

Ye. Home Depot allows employees to wear a hat with the company logo at the workplace. You can buy such hats directly from Home Depot or even from a licensed seller.

However, any hat with other brands and styles is not allowed, and wearing such is against the Home Depot dressing code policy, resulting in your termination.

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Can I have piercings and Tattoos at Home Depot?

Yes. Home Depot permits its employees to have piercings and Tattoos. You can have piercings such as nose rings and earrings as long as they are not too noticeable or pose any safety issue in the workplace.

Also, tattoos do not have to be offensive or display upsetting content.

What can I not wear at Home Depot?

The Home Depot has a dress code policy that requires all employees to dress professionally. Failure to comply with that policy can result in termination.

Although the company allows the employees to dress in casual clothes with no set uniform, it restricts clothes you cannot wear.

First, you should abstain from wearing tattered or damaged clothes. Also, wearing clothes or shoes displaying logos other than the store logo is against the Home Depot dressing code policy.

Additionally, do not wear any garment promoting religious, political, or personal beliefs in the workplace.

How much does a cashier Make at Home Depot?

Cashiers’ salaries at Home Depot vary depending on experience, time spent working with the company, and job location. But generally, the cashier’s salary ranges from $11 – $14 per hour.


Does Home Depot have good benefits

Yes. Home Depot offers excellent benefits packages to its part-time and full-time employees.

The salaried and full-time workers are entitled to benefit plans such as 401(k) Plan, life insurance, disability insurance, medical coverage, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, health saving account, and many more.

On the other hand, the part-time workers’ benefits package includes; Vision insurance, life insurance, dental coverage, and short-term disability insurance.

In addition, the company provide workers with vacation and holiday pay, tuition reimbursement benefit to full-time workers and paid sick leave.

What is a Home Depot employee discount?

Although Home Depot employees do not receive discounts on Home Depot products, they have access to benefits packages including healthcare, paid time off, life insurance, disability insurance, spending accounts, and dental and health coverage.

Employees can access such benefits through the employee portal known as Orange Life. The benefit packages are open to all workers, but full-time employees enjoy more perks than part-time employees.