Walmart Late Policy In 2022 (All you need to know)

Attendance is a critical component of Walmart’s customer service strategy. They want every employee present and happy to help customers throughout the entire day.

If you are absent or show up late, it can be costly for you in more than one way.

This article will discuss how Walmart’s attendance policy works and what steps you need to take if you want to check your Walmart points or call off Walmart online.

What Is the Walmart Point System?

The Walmart Point System is a tracking system that allows the company to dole out discipline to employees who are tardy, call off work, or otherwise violate their attendance policy.

Due to their large number of staff, it seems excusable to have such measures in place. These measures discourage absenteeism or lateness at work.

Since 2019, Walmart has reduced the number of points an employee could have from nine to five.

Absenteeism for a scheduled shift attracts one point, but if you miss your shift in the holiday period, you can be served up to three points.

If you pack your bags before the shift is over, you’ll earn half a point.

It takes five or more unexcused absences to lose your job at Walmart, but the company isn’t required by law to give you a warning before termination.

If you are terminated for attendance issues, they will most likely tell you why in writing and offer an appeal process if necessary.

Take time off, manage your schedule, learn about LOA, and more

How to Report an Absence/Lateness?

You can call the Walmart Associate Information Line (1-800-775-5944) to report an absence from work or lateness.

Alternatively, you can call the manager of the branch you work at. It is important to document all absences and lateness in case Walmart questions your actions later on.

If your absence or lateness is on medical grounds, simply call in sick.

Intermittent Leave

How many points do you get for calling in Walmart?

If you call off, it will cost one point. However, if your absence is due to a medical issue or court date, the company may be more lenient with their policy and not give you any points.

If this happens, they can use the Paid Time-Off system to cover the work missed on medical grounds.

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How Long Do Points Last?

One relief about the system is that it doesn’t log the points continuously over the entire career of the associate. The points are usually removed after six months, and you can begin on a clean slate.

How Many Absences Are Allowed in Walmart?

You are allowed five unexcused absences in six months before you face termination. However, they can choose to terminate your employment for fewer than five if your circumstances earned you at least five points.

As mentioned above, skipping work one during the holiday season earns you a maximum of three points. This is equivalent to three absences in the regular schedule.

Two missed shifts in the holiday season will earn you enough points to require your termination.

Missing a regular shift earns you a single point, meaning you can be absent up to five times before termination is initiated.

Absconding duty mid-shift counts as half a point. As such, you could leave early for up to ten shifts before you face termination.

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How Is Good Attendance Rewarded at Walmart?

Walmart honors and encourages outstanding attendance through incentives if you keep your grades up.

Cash bonuses have been introduced for both part-time and full-time Walmart employees. These bonuses are paid out quarterly.

Generally, a perfect attendance record adds 25% to your quarter bonuses. If you have a point or two, you may earn a bonus, but definitely lower than 25%.

Quarterly bonuses are also subject to other factors, such as the individual store revenue for that period.

How can I check my Walmart points?

You can monitor your points by logging in to the wire Walmart employee website. Proceed to the GTA portal and click on the “My Attendance” tab. Your points will be displayed against the dates you earned them.

You can also call HR to check your points or ask for assistance logging in.

How do I call off Walmart online?

There are many options for calling off whenever you’re not feeling well or simply want to postpone for another cause. One method is to file through Walmart’s official online platform, also known as Walmart One.

After logging in to your Walmart One account, click on the ‘Report an Absence’ tab and follow the prompts to call off.

The other ways you can call off at Walmart include calling your store manager to put you through to the HR or calling via the Walmart Associates information line to report your absence.

The latter method requires you to have your WIN number with you during the call.

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