Kroger Clicklist (All You Need To Know)

Kroger ClickList is a grocery service provided by Kroger, the self-professed “largest supermarket in the world.”.

In order to use it, customers go through a mobile app to place their order.

They then can either pick up at a designated Kroger location or have groceries delivered.

Kroger Clicklist – How does it work?

Kroger’s website explains that their ClickList service is: “Using Kroger ClickList, all items can be accessed from the convenience of your mobile device and all orders are scanned by our dedicated network of stores.

This means no fewer items in your cart and no more tacking on extra items to a list.”

Do I tip the Kroger ClickList person?

In most cases, there is a “payment window” stationed at the door, containing a safe and built-in scale. Once the ClickList customer pays for the order, he then gives his order number to the delivery driver.

Thus, tipping is not possible (though ClickList drivers are able to take tips after they have given customers their groceries).

How do I use Kroger ClickList?

There is an on-line tutorial for Kroger ClickList. It provides an intro to the service and walks you through the app.

However, it doesn’t explain how to actually place an order (or add items to a cart once you’ve placed your order).

As a result, we’ve created this document that explains how to use the service.

This is the most thorough and current step-by-step guide for using Kroger ClickList, with information from the Kroger website.

Why did Kroger change the name of ClickList?

Since its inception in 2015, ClickList has been renamed several times due to public backlash related to its name:

Once known as “Kroger Ship,” it was changed to “Kroger Delivers.”

Next was “Kroger Ship & Deliver,” which was meant to incorporate both.

That too was dropped and replaced with the simple, but not much better name, “Kroger ClickList.”

What happened to ClickList?

In 2017, the popular service was removed in Cincinnati, central and western Kentucky, Lexington, Louisville and northern and western Ohio. According to a Kroger spokesperson:

“It’s a very data-driven business decision.

Can I add it to the Kroger pickup order?

While you cannot “add to cart” once you’ve placed your order online you can call customer service (or go into a store) and place a whole new order over the phone.

At that time, if you wish, you can specify exactly what products you want.

Do you tip people who bring out groceries?

In 2017, Kroger eliminated its custom tip jar for employees bringing in goods from the store. According to a Kroger spokesperson: “Customers can still ask us to add their cash or Kroger Bucks at the end of the transaction.”

Do Kroger drivers accept tips?

Kroger drivers should be tipped separately, utilizing a special service called “Kroger SmartBucks.

Does Kroger text when the order is ready?

Kroger does not provide delivery, but there is a service called “” that will text an alert when your order is ready to be picked up.

However, it costs $1-$2 per month, so we recommend using Kroger’s own app

How much should you tip Kroger delivery?

The guidelines state: “Add a few dollars to your tip if they go beyond the call of duty.” Many customers have reported their driver did that without being tipped.

Can I add paper coupons to my Kroger card?

Yes, you can. However, we strongly recommend using the digital coupons from your smartphone.

Using a paper coupon requires inserting it into a mobile app like the one produced by our friends at Digital Coupons.

That way, the service will scan both digital and paper coupons instead of just signing for one of them and manually entering the other.

The coupon must be made available online, found in an email, or mailed to you (Kroger only sends out coupons via US mail).

We’ve produced an infographic that explains all of this further.

Does Kroger accept stamps or offer paper coupons?

Kroger does not accept stamps or offer paper coupons.

What if I need to get ahold of customer service?

It is advisable to call during standard business hours (8:00 am to 6:00 pm Central time).

If you need help ordering online, we recommend using their team chat app rather than their live chat.

What’s the difference between ClickList and ClickandGo?

ClickandGo was a similar service offered by Kroger that allowed customers with an electronic grocery shopping account login to place grocery orders via the mobile app.

However, it was not available in all areas, so they simply merged it with ClickList in 2017.

What do I look for when choosing a digital coupon service?

There are several digital coupons services available. By far, we recommend the following:

Digital Coupons is an online database of more than 4,000 digital coupons from various online stores.

The database is updated at least weekly and offers daily deals as well as periodic special discounts and free shipping incentives.


If you’re looking for a convenient way to shop for groceries, Kroger ClickList (or ClickandGo) could very well be the solution.

As you can see, this article is the most thorough and current guide to using the service.

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By partnering with us, it offers even more digital coupons for your Kroger shopping list that you can save easily through your smartphone.