When Buying Plan B One-Step

Plan B is an emergency contraceptive medication that can be used after sex. It’s a backup method to prevent pregnancy.

It’s only effective if taken within three days (120 hours) of unprotected sex, but it might work longer than that.

Switching to Emergency Contraception?

Some people switch to emergency contraception when they finish their other methods, such as birth control pills or condoms.

They do this because they want more protection against an unintended pregnancy or they’re having difficulty using those methods as consistently and correctly as possible.

Plan B might not be for you if :

You’re already pregnant and don’t want to become pregnant again.

You’re breastfeeding and won’t be weaning in the next few weeks.

You have a medical condition, including severe depression, active cancer, severe heart problems or diabetes.

Taking Plan B Might Not Prevent Pregnancy If you do have sex within 3 days of taking Plan B, the chance that you’ll get pregnant is very low (about 1 in 500).

That’s because Plan B usually fails within 3 days. If you have sex after 3 days, the chance that you’ll get pregnant is higher (about 1 in 20).

2. Is Plan B on the shelf at Walmart?

Yes, Plan B is on the shelf at Walmart. It’s not always in the aisle with the condoms; it might be on a different shelf. But you can find it.

You may find Plan B at all our stores, even if you don’t see it, because we may have received advance notice that Plan B will be available for sale.

This means your local store may be one of many stores in which Plan B will be sold when we know it will be available.

3. Does Plan B work after 3 days?

Plan B might work after you use it.

However, if you want to prevent pregnancy and are worried about getting pregnant again, you should use another form of emergency contraception.

If you’re not sure that Plan B works, take it as soon as possible and keep taking it until your period is 2 weeks late.

If your period is 2 weeks late by the end of next month (91 days), you’re sure that Plan B worked for you.

4. How much is a Plan B pill?

The price of Plan B depends on your local store, but the average cost is less than $40 ($24.72). The average cost at our stores is less than $20.

5. When should I take Plan B?

Plan B can be used as soon as 72 hours after having unprotected sex, but it’s safer to use it as soon as possible (within 24 hours).

Don’t wait until the next day to buy it because you may not have enough time.

6. What section of Walmart is Plan B in?

Plan B can be found in our Health and Wellness section, usually right next to the condoms. Sometimes it’s on a different shelf, but it’s there.

7. Why is Plan B locked up?

We care about your safety at Walmart and need to make sure that you aren’t under 18 when you buy emergency contraception.

We need to make sure you’re buying Plan B and not something else.

We have rules against selling emergency contraception to people who are under 18 and we don’t want you to buy it without us checking your ID.

That’s why we’ve locked up all our Plan B pills.

8. How old do you have to be to buy a Plan B pill at Walmart?

To buy a Plan B pill at Walmart, you must be 18 or older.

9. Is Plan B locked up at Target?

No, Plan B isn’t locked up at Target. You can find it in the Health and Wellness section.

10. Is there a weight limit for Plan B?

There is no weight limit for taking Plan B and we don’t charge you any extra costs if you’re under 18 and trying to buy a Plan B pill in our stores.


We’ve learned that Plan B can be used as soon as possible after having unprotected sex and that it might work longer if you take it within 3 days of having sex.

We’ve also learned that the use of emergency contraception is safe when taken correctly.

In areas where Plan B isn’t available, we make sure to get advance notice about its availability before it’s sold to our customers.

We take these measures to keep our customers safe and to provide them with dependable products.

We’ve also learned that Plan B isn’t locked up at Target. Underage customers can buy it there as well as at our stores, but we don’t want any customers who are under 18 to buy emergency contraception without us checking their ID.