What Does Boba Taste Like?

The bloom of boba shops all over America from their traditional Taiwanese enclaves has enticed new drinkers.

For those who have not had an experience with boba, avid drinkers will tell you that you are missing out on an exquisite drink. In simple terms, boba is milk tea and cassava starch balls blend.

Boba is also known as tapioca tea, bubble tea, or pearl tea. If you order boba, you will be served with black tea, milk, and boba.

It comes with different flavor combinations. For that reason, you can add different fruits and syrups to the boba tea to create a taste that you like.

Here are all answers to all your questions regarding boba Tea.

What Does Boba Taste Like?

Boba tea is incredibly sweet with a creamy touch spiced with frothy tapioca balls texture. It is not quite icy cold or thick but very delicious depending on many flavors.

If you love a sweet taste, then you can never go wrong with boba tea.

Do You Chew the Bubbles in the Bubble Tea?

Yes, chew the bubbles to break it down a little. They are edible. However, they can be hazardous to your stomach if swallowed whole.

The tapioca ingredient does not dissolve quickly when expanded. So, for first-timers, please sip, take your time to chew, and enjoy boba tea.

Why is Boba Black?

To get the black boba you will need to cook the tapioca pearls for more than 15 minutes to make them soft and chewy.

At this time you can turn off the heat and allow them to cool. That way, as they cool they will slowly turn black.

Also, the black coloring in boba is created by the addition of caramel or brown sugar to the tapioca pearls. Black tapioca balls are a preferred option compared to white tapioca balls.

Is Boba Supposed to be Chewy?

The texture of boba is mostly bouncy and chewy. Boba should be slightly smooth, chewy to the center but soft on the outside. The tapioca starch in boba tea makes it incredibly chewy.

Differentiate Between White and Black Tapioca Pearls

There is no distinct difference between the two. Both come from cassava roots.

However, white tapioca pearls turn clear when cooked thus invisible in your tea. On the other hand, black tapioca pearls are attractive and sweeter compared to white ones.

The blackness arises from the addition of brown sugar. Another difference is that black tapioca pearls are mostly used in making bubble tea, unlike white tapioca pearls.

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What is the Best Flavor of Boba?

The flavor depends on consumer preference. Each boba tea flavor has its unique taste.

However, avid drinkers will tell you “in boba culture, there are elephants and pigmy shrews in the hierarchy of flavors.”

The father of bubble tea is the Hong Kong Milk Tea. This is my all-time classic. It is noteworthy that Hong Kong Milk Tea is the most popular bubble tea flavor.

Hong Kong Milk Tea is mostly served hot or iced.it is made from evaporated or condensed milk.

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What Does Boba Taste Like in Itself?

Unfortunately, boba balls themselves do not have much of a flavor. Without brown sugar or caramel syrup, there is very little taste to boba.

Also, boba can taste depending on different stores. Although, you can take boba with or without flavor that depends on your taste and preference.

Are you supposed to eat the Boba?

There is no harm in eating them. Some boba flavors give off flavor when chewed. So the answer is in the affirmative.

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Why is Boba Bad for You?

Regulated boba uptake is not bad for your health. One bubble tea contains 500 calories therefore, boba is all carbs. High levels of sugar in boba can cause obesity or diabetes.

Also, when boba is eaten without chewing, it can cause chocking

Does Boba Stay in your Stomach?

Bubble tea balls are digestible. Chewing refines them into digestible portions. However, excessive uptake of unchewed boba can lead to constipation.


Boba tea is one of the popularly known sweetest teas. When using boba, you should avoid eating them without chewing to avoid choking. They are also known to have health benefits.

They are rich in carbohydrates, calories, and fats.