List Of 20+ Orange Fruit (2022 Update)

Are you an orange fruit lover? If so, then I have good news for you.

There are over 20 types of oranges out there, and they’re all equally delicious.

This list includes popular orange fruits like tangerines and mandarins as well as less common varieties like the blood orange.

Each one has its own distinct flavor profile- some are sweet, while others are tart or tangy or complex tasting.

Some can be eaten fresh while others are usually cooked within desserts.

Let’s take a look at these different kinds of oranges starting with…

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1) Clementine

These bright orange little fruits grow on small trees that are native to Southeast Asia.

They are seedless which means that they generally don’t have any pits, and they’re easy to peel.

They’re sweet, juicy, and best of all they’re very high in Vitamin C.

2) Mandarin

The most popular kind of mandarin orange that you’ll find at the grocery store is often referred to as a tangerine but it’s actually a specific variety called the satsuma.

These bright orange fruits have loose skins and are usually seedless- although sometimes one or two seeds may slip through.

When ripe, their flavor is sweet with a hint of tanginess.

3) Navel Orange

There are both bitter oranges and sweet oranges harvested from this tree, which originated in Brazil.

However, only the sweet orange has been cultivated which gave rise to this yellow-orange fruit with a deep navel.

Navel oranges are sweet, seedless, and easy to peel- making them very popular for eating out of hand.

They’re also often used in juice making because they have thin skins which mean less work for juicers.

4) Blood Orange

These deeply pigmented orange fruits are usually smaller than regular oranges but they still taste sweet with some tanginess (almost like that of an unripe grapefruit).

The color is actually due to anthocyanins which is the same type of pigment found in red cabbage and red wine.

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5) Sanguinelli – Although blood oranges look dark pink on the outside, their flesh is more similar to other orange fruits (although it remains deeper even once cooked).

Sanguinellis is a type of blood orange that is seedless, easy to peel, and has an elongated shape.

6) Cara Cara

Pink grapefruit lovers may want to try caracaras which have the same pink hue found in their favorite fruit.

This type of navel orange originally came from Venezuela where it was discovered growing wild by a man named Eduardo Laing.

The flesh is sweet with hints of raspberry flavors while the rind is usually very thin- making them easier to peel than most other oranges.

7) Temple

These large fruits grow on small evergreen trees that originate in China.

They’re generally delicious even without being cooked into desserts but that’s exactly what makes them special- they’re a type of blood orange that can be eaten fresh without being cooked into jams or pies.

Red tangerine with leaf isolated on white close-up.

8) Clementine Tangerine

Originally grown in Morocco, clementines are actually a cross between two different cultivars of oranges, the Moroccan sweet orange and the mandarin (or satsuma).

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9) Satsuma Mandarins

This small, bright orange fruit is usually easier to peel than regular navel oranges because the skin isn’t as tough (it usually doesn’t even need a knife).

10) Pixie Tangerine

This small, seedless orange is always eaten peeled and fresh, making it popular as a breakfast juice or as an afternoon snack.

11) Valencia Orange

Ripened to perfection under special controlled conditions, these oranges are ready to be harvested by machine and sent to the packing house where they’re sorted and boxed for shipping.

12) Sunburst Tangerine

These small, sweet fruits are like nature’s candy- they’re packed with sugar and easy to peel which makes them very popular.

13) Honey Tangerine/ Murcott Mandarin

There are actually two types of honey tangerines that you can buy.

14) Pixie Mandarins

The deep orange color of these small fruits is almost as vibrant as the sunny color of their namesake, pixies.

15) Dancy Tangerines

These small seedless oranges are very popular for juice because they have such a high sugar content.

16) Red Navel Orange

This colorful fruit is usually easy to peel and also contains no seeds which mean that it’s great for people who want a snack or children who are too young to be trusted with an ordinary orange.

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17) Sunburst Mandarin

These bright citrus fruits are delicious both peeled and fresh but if you’re feeling adventurous, you could try adding some slices to your salads or desserts instead of pineapple or mandarin oranges.

18) Temple Orange

The inside of this orange might look a little strange… almost like the pulp is full of marbles!

19) Tangelo

The tangelo is actually a hybrid between a grapefruit and a tangerine which means that it has very juicy flesh.

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20) Clementine

fruit is so sweet and juicy that they’ve actually been banned from U.S. schools because the juice stains everything- not just clothing but also the ceiling and the floor which makes it very difficult to clean up.