The Difference Between UberX, Uber Pool, Uber Comfort.

Today, each metropolitan area has its own set of standards and services. And they are unique to the area in which they are applied.

Therefore, when addressing the services offered by Uber, this information will primarily cover the following services, UberX, Uber Pool, and Uber Comfort.

With that being said, here are the primary differences between each.

The Difference Between UberX, Uber Pool, and Uber Comfort

1. UberX

The majority of Uber riders use UberX as their primary or main go-to service. This is normally because UberX is the economy option for the services that are needed. For instance, when you order an UberX, this service will accommodate up to 4 riders and they will be traveling in a 4-door sedan vehicle.

2. Uber Pool

Another service that many Uber riders use is called Uber Pool. This service is not considered to be a primary or main go-to service for most riders.

However, it is an option that provides riders with the capability to carpool with others, specifically those that will be traveling in the same direction to get to their destination.

So, if a group of people is looking for a more affordable way to travel, Uber Pool is a good option to save on cost.

And, it is the option that is presently seen by Uber as a way to put less vehicles on the road.

3. Uber Comfort

As compared to the other 2 options, UberX and Uber Pool, the Uber Comfort services may be a bit confusing to people who are looking for the best option to travel.

For instance, when passengers look at this option on Uber’s website, the service can be found on the economy service option for customers to select.

However, when a prospective customer is looking for the services that they need on the Uber app, it is also listed as a premium service.

So, to clarify the differences in Uber Comfort’s services, here are a few basic distinctions that you need to know.

  • Service is a step up from UberX
  • An added feature is more seats in the vehicle to ride (over 4)
  • Faster pick-up time and rated higher than other drivers

What kind of cars is UberX?

If you are ordering an UberX on your app to go to your next destination, you will always need to know what type of car will be pulling up to your door.

And what type of economy car you will be riding in?

For instance, these economy sedans can accommodate from 1 to 4 riders, and, here are some of the vehicles that will fit into this classification.

  • Honda Accord
  • Ford Escape
  • Ford Fusion
  • Toyota Prius
  • Toyota Camry
  • Mazda3

Which is better UberX or UberXL?

The choice between these 2 is usually based on that passenger’s actual needs and preferences. However, if passengers are looking for a better choice between the two, they may want to opt for UberXL instead of UberX.

This is primarily because the UberXL option is considered to be a step up in the following ways.

  • UberXL is similar to UberX but it gives the customer the option of ordering larger vehicles.
  • Uber will send a van or SUV or van that seats up to 6 passengers versus only up to 4
  • No Limitations are placed on the number of passengers
  • UberXL can be used to transport luggage and other large items that don’t fit into the UberX
  • For this option, however, you will pay more for the extra room

What are the different levels of Uber?

As mentioned above, there are different levels of UberX that passengers can order. Here is what to expect in the different levels.

  • Uber X – Flagship option – most affordable – seats up to 4 passengers.
  • UberXL – seats up to 6 passengers (great for groups)
  • Uber Comfort – Later model cars with additional leg room
  • Uber Black – Luxury cars and designed as a premium service
  • Uber Black SUV – seats up to 6 passengers usually a luxury SUV
  • Uber WAV – provides seniors and people with disabilities with ride assistance

Which is better UberX or comfort?

As referenced above, the choice between these 2 is usually based on individual needs and preferences. Yet, if passengers are looking for a better choice between the two, they may want to opt for Comfort instead of UberX.

This is primarily because the Comfort option is considered to be a step up in the following ways.

  • Uber Comfort is required to have additional leg and headroom.
  • Elevated riding experience
  • Faster pick-up times

Do you tip an Uber driver?

After your trip is complete, you can choose to tip the driver. You will also have at least 30 days to do so.

How much do you tip Uber drivers?

The recommended standard for tipping the Uber driver is between 10 to 20 percent.

Is Uber cheaper than a taxi?

Presently, the price of taking a Uber is considered to be a little cheaper than taking a traditional taxi. These fares can range up to 40% cheaper.

The comparisons, however, will also depend on the type of services offered.

For instance, if you are ordering the extras from Uber, the fares may be doubled the cost of a taxi.

How do I use Uber for the first time?

To use Uber the first time, you will need to download their app on your mobile device. Once the app has been downloaded, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Enter the exact destination that you want to go to in the “Where to?” section.
  2. Select the vehicle type (i.e. uberx, uber comfort, etc.)
  3. Tap the option “Confirm” and then wait for a response to your request
  4. An available driver will have to accept your request.

Do you sit in the back or front of Uber?

To give you and your driver personal space, it is best to sit in the back, whenever it is possible.

Which Uber ride is the cheapest?

The cheapest Uber ride is considered to be Uber Pool. This is primarily because the cost of the ride is shared by other passengers.

Can UberX take luggage?

The typical Uber X vehicles can accommodate 2 to 3 small carryons. Also, depending on the number of passengers riding, the standard size luggage may fit on the inside of the vehicle.

Can I ask for a female Uber driver?

The answer is no. These distinctions are not offered.