Walmart Vs. Target Which is Better in 2022?

Walmart and Target are both retail shops that are located in the US. However, Walmart is larger and has many stores in the US compared to Target.

Both stores deal with almost similar products, but Walmart sells more exclusive brands. Here is a comparison of both stores regarding market share, products, customer services, prices, website, and stores.

Walmart Versus Target comparison

1. Market share

Walmart retail stores have the largest market share of about 15.9%, while Target has a lower market share.

However, if you take a closer look at the market share regarding department stores, Target has a larger market share of 38%, while Walmart has s department market share of about 13%.

2. Stores

Walmart was founded in 1962 and had its headquarters at Bentonville, Arkansas. Target has its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Both Walmart and Target have their stores located in all states of the US. However, Walmart has additional stores located overseas in over 26 different countries.

Walmart has 11,000 stores spread across the US states, while Target has 1909 stores in different states of the US.

Both stores share the same architectural concept but are arranged and organized differently.

Here are their differences in terms of size and layout.

• Size: Walmart stores’ building covers around 179,000 square feet without considering the extra space selected for backed deliveries and parking. On the other hand, Target store buildings are smaller and cover an average of 130,000 square feet.

• Layout and Atmosphere: Both Target and Walmart are divided into different departments that deal with different products. Each department has its own ascribed aisles, which are neatly marked. Walmart uses large hanging signs, while Target uses endcap signs. In terms of arrangements, Walmart is not neatly arranged, and you’re likely going to find it messy since the items are mixed up. As for Target, the products are neatly arranged.

• Partnership: Both stores have partnered with different restaurants and retail shops to enhance user experience. Walmart has partnered with Subway restaurant, while Target has partnered with Starbucks. Target is in the process of partnering with Beauty Chan Ulta to ensure its customers get mini-beauty services.

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3. Products

Both stores sell almost the same products. Their products include groceries, clothing, and accessories,

Home basic products, pet supplies, beauty, and personal hygiene products, sports gear, toys and games, auto and crafts, and household items.

Walmart further sells exclusive brands and private labels such as:

• Baby products such as Parent’s Choice

• Food products such as Sam’s Choice

• Food such as Marketside Deli Food

• Home goods such as Mainstays

• Pharmacy like Equate

• Car equipment such as SuperTech, Everstart Douglas.

• Apparel such as Time & Try, George, etc.

• Party supplies such as Best Occasions

• Kitchen tools such as Tasty

• Power and hand tools such as Hyper Tough.

Target sells off brands and private label brands such as:

• Health and hygiene such as Up & Up

• Apparel such as Good Fellow &Co

• Women activewear such as All in Motion and Auden

• Houseware and Travel products such as Made by Design and many more.

4. Prices

Walmart prices are lower compared to Target prices. However, the difference is not that big. For example, Jif peanut butter is expensive in Target stores compared to its price at Walmart.

You can shop all your products in one store since the price difference is not that big.

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5. Services

Again, Walmart has better additional services compared to Target. Apart from selling their products, Walmart offers additional services such as:

• Auto Services

• Banking

• Pharmacy

• Vision

Target only offers pharmacy as their additional services.

Target has scored higher in terms of customer services compared to Walmart. Most shoppers found reliable help from Target compared to Walmart.

6. Websites and Apps

Walmart has 2 domains that can easily confuse its customers. At a closer look, you will notice that their product arrangement is quite chaotic. Their app is better than their website but not as good as that of Target.

Target’s website is well organized, and its products are neatly grouped into their specific category. They also mark products that are only available online. Their app is also good and more intrusive.

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7. Walmart Credit Card versus Target RedCard

Walmart offers two credit cards which are the Walmart Rewards Card and Capital One Walmart Rewards.

Target, on the other hand, offers only the Target RedCard. Both retail stores’ cards offer competitive rewards to their customers.

When you buy products using Target RedCard, you receive a 5% discount that applies both to online and in-store buyers.

On the other hand, Walmart offers 5% cashback at, Walmart Grocery, and Walmart app.

You can redeem your rewards using a Walmart card anytime you want, while there is no redemption option for Target RedCard. Both Walmart Credit Card and Target RedCard can only be redeemed on their specific stores, respectively.

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Final Thought

Both Walmart and Target cards offer competitive benefits to their customers, and you can choose one that suits your needs. If you are looking for a store with various additional services and competitive prices, Walmart retail shop is the way to go. However, if you want a neatly organized store with excellent customer service, Target is your ideal choice.