Where to Find And Buy Rhubarb in the Grocery Store?

  • Edible Rhubarb is the fleshy stalk of the rhubarb plant.
  • The leaves that come with the stalk are considered inedible and therefore not good for consumption.
  • Rhubarb has over 13 types with each having its uniqueness and benefits.
  • Read more to find out where you can purchase rhubarb and much more.

Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Rhubarb In?

Generally, most if not all stores sell rhubarb. It is part of fresh produce and can be found in the fresh produce area in any store.

They are easy to spot as they have reddish stalks which is the edible part of rhubarb. You may also check the fruits section.

In addition, there are canned rhubarb too. Be sure to check the canned rhubarb in the canned food section or the baking and canned fruits sections.

Local farmers’ markets also sell this rhubarb, especially during late spring. You may even find them already cut or fresh whole, depending on the local grocery store you visit.

Which stores sell Rhubarb?

Rhubarb is available in many stores, from fresh produce groceries to supermarkets. Common stores that sell include:

Whole foods – Any whole food store may probably have rhubarb on its shelves. You may find fresh or frozen rhubarb.

Rhubarb at Whole Foods Market

Amazon – With a great online presence, you can order rhubarb, which may be delivered fresh or frozen.

rhubarb – Amazon.com

Walmart – Canned, fresh and frozen rhubarb may be found here.

Fresh Rhubarb – Walmart.com

Farmers’ markets – Perhaps the best place to buy fresh rhubarb, check during rhubarb season for better quality from farmers.

Safe way – You may visit this store physically for fresh rhubarb.


Rhubarb, 11 lb – Kroger


Small Strawberry Rhubarb Pie – Product Details | Publix

Local fresh produce markets.

When can I buy fresh rhubarb?

Although rhubarb is grown in greenhouses, the best time to buy fresh rhubarb is between April and June, towards the end of spring.

This is the time fresh rhubarb is available at large, in supermarkets, online stores, and local markets.

Is rhubarb available year-round?

Rhubarb is available all year round. This is because of the large presence of greenhouses that grow rhubarb today.

However, for fresh outgrown produce, you will have to wait for late spring when farmers harvest fresh rhubarb at large.

Greenhouse rhubarb may still be fresh and nutritious but not as organic as the freshly harvested from farmers between April and June.

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How do you pick rhubarb in a grocery store?

Pickling fresh produce of rhubarb can sometimes be challenging, especially for new users of the produce. However, choosing fresh rhubarb from the shelves should not pose serious problems to you.

You may need to choose the firm and crispy stalks. The stalks are the edible parts of the rhubarb and should therefore not have any blemish.

Moreover, the leaves should appear fresh and greenish. Ensure the leaves have not withered as this may be a sign of prolonged stocked rhubarb.

Perhaps the best place to buy fresh rhubarb is a local fresh produce market where the sellers may guide you on what is fresh.

Is rhubarb bad for kidneys?

Rhubarb is good for consumption as it may help with the excretion of waste products through the kidney. It has been used severally to treat patients with renal failure too.

However, rhubarb may be toxic to your kidneys too. It has a certain chemical that might harm your kidneys and sometimes cause kidney stones.

It poses a potential risk for those who already suffer from kidney issues. While preparing rhubarb, ensure to remove the leaves which carry these chemicals at large.

Use the fresh stalks for consumption.

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When should you not eat rhubarb?

Rhubarb is fresh and best for consumption during the late springtime when they are harvested at large.

However, you may still consume rhubarb even after this time though the stalks will have become wood-like and the taste is usually not as good as it should be.

This may mean the quality is poor during this time.

Where can I buy canned rhubarb?

Canned rhubarb can be easily found in the canned foods and fruits shelves in many stores.

Walmart and Amazon are some of the best stores to purchase canned rhubarb. They also thrive in selling frozen rhubarb.

You will often find them in tins and cans. More often rhubarb is found majorly in cans and frozen because of proper storage requirements.

When can I buy rhubarb crowns?

The best time to pick your rhubarb crown is during spring. At this time, the stalk is still young and the sweetness is at its best.

While the leaves are used to determine the growth of rhubarb, the stalks are the edible content.

Getting the rhubarb crown will need digging up the crown and splitting it into two or three buds.

Ensure that each bud has been attached with proper roots for growth. When planting rhubarb, ensure not to plant them near plants like pumpkins, melon, cucumber, and tomatoes.

They may easily harm these plants.

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