Where to Find And Buy Star Anise in the Grocery Store?

  • Start Anise originates from China and Vietnam countries.
  • Also known as star anise or star aniseed, is harvested from an evergreen tree, Illicium verum, and generally has a shelf-life of between 3-4 years.
  • Read on to discover more about this spice and where to find and buy it.

Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Star Anise In?

Generally, almost all grocery stores should have Star anise spice. They are found at the spice shelves, either as a pure ground spice or whole spice form.

Mostly, it is packaged in small plastic containers. Ethnic and Asian markets may offer the best star anise spices since it originates from these countries.

Walmart offers a wide variety of spice shelves and maybe one of the best store aisles to find star anise.

Brands that Walmart sells include Morton and Bassett, and Hoosier Hill Farm. Frontier Co-op is also sold here. You may also check online for this spice.

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What Stores Sell Star Anise?

Various stores sell star anise, both physically and online. Preferably, you may visit these stores to check and find a good brand for star anise spice.

However, some of the common stores to find star anise include:

  • Walmart – Both ground and whole star anise spice may be found here. They offer amazing brands like Morton and Basset.
  • Amazon – Perhaps the most common store online, you may easily find this spice here at an affordable price.
  • Safeway – Both Spicely and Badia brands are sold here.
  • Publix – This is a great physical store that aligns a variety of spices, star anise being among them.
  • Kroger – You are certain to find several brands of star anise in this store.
  • Whole food store – Whole food stores invest more in naturally grounded spices. Visit nay whole food store near you for your star anise spice.
  • Local health food store.

What can I use instead of star anise?

Star anise is by far one of the best spices in the market. However, in the case you miss star anise, you may use fennel seeds.

Fennel seeds have different flavors compared to star anise but work almost similarly. The replacement ration may be 1-star anise for ¼ teaspoon of fennel seeds.

Other substitutes include:

  • Anise seeds – You may easily think they are related to star anise, but they are quite different. The only similarity is the black licorice flavor.
  • Chinese five-spice powder – Perhaps one of the best substitutions for star anise since its ingredients contain the star anise itself.

Best star anise brand

The best brands of star anise may be from the native countries of China and Vietnam.

However, other producers and brands pride themselves in making amazing start anise spices too. In addition, some of the best brands selling anise brand include:

  • Spice way star anise
  • Soeos Organic Star Anise
  • Inspiration Industry New York
  • 52 USA
  • Powernutri
  • Bulk supplements
  • Vinasamex

Moreover, the spice way brands have been able to reach various countries and many individuals have liked the brand.

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Health benefits of Star Anise

Star anise is a naturally grounded spice that has numerous benefits to the body. Furthermore, healthy oil is produced from star anise seeds which are also helpful to the body. Benefits include:

  • Star anise spice is used to treat flu and cough
  • Reduce cramps and nausea while improving the digestive system
  • It is used in masala chai to aid in nasal congestion
  • Improves sex drive for men
  • Highly nutritious.
  • Balances blood sugar levels.
  • Reduces inflammation and promoted slow aging
  • Prevents fungi and bacterial growth.

The goodness of Star anise tea

Star anise tea dates from way back in traditional Chinese heritage. Star anise tea was then used as medicine to treat constipation and digestive issues.

Today, the star anise tea is still used as medicine to treat issues like nausea, constipation, and respiratory issues. Star anise tea can also be useful to kidneys.

Star anise flavor

Star anise flavor is described as sweet and licorice-like. The flavor is used in making other spices like Cinnamon, tea masala, and peppercorns.

The flavor is also used as a flavoring agent for many foods and medicinal drinks. The sweet aromatic taste is also used in dairy products.

Is it safe to eat star anise?

Star anise is safe for consumption. However, it should be taken in amounts and it is even safer when taken as medicine within a period.

Similarly, star anise spice and flavor can be added in foods as it is highly nutritious.

On the other hand, star anise exists in two variations. One is from Chinese which is originally safe for consumption, while the second is from Japan which can be contaminated.

The Japanese star anise can be harmful since it may differ with kidneys. Be sure to distinguish the two exclusively, though, descriptions are usually clear.

Where can I buy anise for dogs?

Anise is beneficial to dogs too. It helps in their digestion and release of gases from the stomach. It has also been known to treat seizures in dogs for a while now.

Purchasing anise for dogs may be a good idea since dogs love when they taste food containing anise. Places you can buy anise for dogs include:

  • Amazon, an online platform.
  • Reddit
  • Walmart which you can visit physically and shop online.

Be sure to give just a few seeds of anise per pound of dog. Overeating of anise by dogs can irritate their stomachs.

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