Where is Simple Syrup in The Grocery Store?

  • To find any product in a store, first, you must understand which category it belongs in and what products it is used with.
  • Simple syrup is a sweetener; therefore, it is likely to be found near other sweeteners.
    Many grocery stores have aisles.
  • You can find simple syrup in the coffee bean and soft drinks aisles since it is often used for coffee and soft drinks.
    You can also look for the syrup in the isles with other sweeteners such as honey and agave syrup.
    Simple syrup can also be found in the baking aisle.
    Simple syrup is also located near or next to alcoholic drinks or isle-containing cocktails.


· Whole Foods – WholeFoods also sells simple syrup, and it is kept near the honey. Whole Foods also keeps its simple syrup products in the Strong drinks aisle.
· Amazon is one of the most efficient shops since you can search and navigate the type of syrup you want by clicking your screen. It even allows you to compare the prices of different kinds of syrups.
· Dan Murphy’s– Dan Murphy’s sells essential simple syrup for cocktails made from pure sugarcane. They also sell good sugar syrup, and the good thing is they indicate the stores with the product.
· Walmart – This is another good store with brands such as
Stirrings, Simple syrup, Cocktail Artist Simple Syrup. They have an excellent website that helps you see all the available products and track the nearest delivery points.
· Safeway– Safeway also has a variety of good quality simple syrup such as Stirrings. You can easily find simple syrup in isles with honey, cocktails, and other sweeteners.
· Wegmans– You can find simple syrup in Wegmans in the cocktails or Liquor isles
· Liquor Stores-Many liquor stores cannot lack simple syrup since most of their customers also need it.


Simple syrup is a good ingredient for several products. It is widely used in bartender shops.

With the basic procedure for the preparation of simple syrup, you can modify it according to what you are preparing.

The simple syrup has a wide range of uses, such as:
• Used to sweeten soft drinks and coffee.
• Used in cocktails to reduce bitterness.
• Used to moisten cakes in bakeries.
• Used in sorbet recipes.
• Used to poach fruits such as pears.

What is simple syrup in Australia?

In simple terms, Simple syrup is a sugar solution that is sugar dissolved in boiled water.

Simple syrup is used to sweeten cocktails, soft drinks, and coffee, and it is also used in baking recipes to moisten baked products.

It is very useful and extraordinary since it easily dissolves even in solutions that do not readily dissolve plain sugar.
It is used to reduce bitter taste and cut tart in cocktails and coffee.

What can I use instead of simple syrup?

Several sweeteners can be used as substitutes for Simple Syrup. They are listed below:
Marple Syrup-This is one of the best substitutes for simple syrup. Though it does not necessarily add Marple flavor, it adds an excellent taste to your drinks.
Honey-This is another natural substitute for simple syrup. It is thicker than simple syrup and also has a strong flavor as compared to Marple syrup.
Agave Syrup-This is also a natural syrup made from the nectar of the agave plant. Its neutral flavor makes it suitable for cocktails; hence it’s an excellent substitute for simple syrup.

What’s the difference between triple sec and simple syrup?

Triple sec is an orange-flavored liqueur, while the simple syrup comprises sugar and boiled water. The main difference here is that simple syrup does not contain any amount of alcohol compared to triple sec.

Can I just use sugar instead of simple syrup?

Simple syrup is a solution of sugar and water; therefore, simple syrup and sugar are more like the same thing.
If you use sugar, make sure that it dissolves completely in the solution. It is also important to consider the measurements.

One spoonful of sugar is equivalent to one and a quarter spoonfuls of simple syrup. You can even consider dissolving it in water first before using it with other ingredients.
In some circumstances, sugar cannot be used in place of simple syrup, such as Whiskey sour. Sugar may prevent the emulsification of egg white when making a classic recipe.

How to Make Simple Syrup for Cocktails?

Simple syrup is made up of a solution of sugar and water. Yes, it’s that simple.

It’s an essential ingredient for cocktails since it blends and dissolves in most of them, improving their flavor to your taste.
The ratio of sugar and water when making basic simple syrup is one part of water to one part of sugar which is 1:1.

We also have rich simple syrup that is made up of two-part of sugar and one part of water.
The first step of making simple syrup is measuring and measuring one cup of water and one cup of sugar. You can also measure by weight which is eight ounces of sugar and eight ounces of water.
Then heat the water before adding sugar to save time, dissolve the sugar and hear for a while.
Once the sugar fully dissolves, let it cool and then store it in a clean glass container and seal it. Store the container in a refrigerator for two to three weeks. If it is not opened, it can stay for long but once you start using it, use it for around a month.
Hope this was helpful, and you will start making your simple syrup.