Where to Find Rock Salt in the Grocery Store?

  • Did you know that rock salt is available in two primary forms?
  • They include the edible and the inedible forms.
  • The inedible type of rock salt should not be in the same aisle as any food product.
  • Continue reading this article to learn more about where to find rock salt in the grocery store, what stores sell rock salt and many other things to do with rock salt.

In which Aisles is rock salt in the grocery store?

Rock salt is available either as edible or inedible. The inedible rock salts are primarily available in supermarkets and home improvement stores.

That said, in a grocery store, the edible rock salt is primarily on display in the spice aisle on a shelf that displays other specialty seasonings.

You can also find larger packages of rock salt in the bulk section of the grocery store.

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What stores sell rock salt?

Are you trying to figure out the stores that you will find rock salt? Worry no more. The following are among the stores where you can purchase rock salt;

  • A health food store near you

The chances are high that you might grab yourself some rock salt in that health food store in your local area. Regardless of its size, visit one, and you will most likely find it.

In Walmart’s spice aisle and bulk section, you will find edible and inedible rock salts, respectively. If you use Walmart’s online store locator, you will know more information about the salt.

Amazon is an online store that allows you to buy different types of rock salt products in bulk.

  • Safeway

At Safeway stores, you will find different forms of rock salt, including Frontier Himalayan Pink Salt and Morton Coarse Kosher Salt.

If you are looking for Olde Thompson Himalayan Pink Salt or Morton Coarse Kosher Salt, you can check-in at the Target store.

  • Whole foods stores

Various rock salts, including Himalayan rock salt, are available in whole foods stores.

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Which brand of rock salt is best?

According to many people, Himalayan pink salt is a type of rock salt that is highly nutritious than ordinary rock salt.

However, different brands of Himalayan pink salt are doing good in the market, including the Urban Platter Pink Himalayan Rock Salt, the Pure Healthy Salt, NutroActive Mineral Himalayan Pink Salt, the Sherpa Pink Gourmet Himalayan salt, and many more.

Among all these brands, the Sherpa Pink Gourmet Himalayan seems to have wide acceptance from consumers due to its versatile usage and appearance.

It is available in four different forms, based on the varying crystal sizes. It is also Kosher certified, organic, and free from allergens.

Do petrol stations sell rock salt?

Yes. During the winter season, you can purchase a bag or more bags of rock salt in a petrol station. Apart from petrol stations, you can also get these rock salt products in most DIY shops.

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Are rock salt and Himalayan salt the same?

Himalayan salt is a rock salt available in abundance in the regions close to the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan. Many people believe that Himalayan salt is healthier than ordinary rock salts.

Chemically, the Himalayan salt consists of approximately 98% sodium chloride, with the remaining 2% consisting of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and other trace elements.

The high mineral composition and the integration of a pinkish tint in Himalayan pink salt primarily distinguish it from ordinary rock salt.

Some people speculate that the pinkish look is due to the trace elements exceeding normal rock salt levels.

In addition, the usage of the Himalayas pink salt is in many ways than the ordinary rock salt. The bottom line is that all Himalayan salts are rock salts, but not all rock salts are Himalayan salts.

Which brand of Himalayan pink salt is best?

To have a competitive advantage, different brands process and pack the salt in different textures.

In this case, the Sherpa Pink Gourmet Himalayan Salt takes the lead because it is available in four different textures. The crystals sizes are suitable for various applications. Here are the different textures;

  • The extra-fine texture with crystal sizes ranging from 0mm to 0.5mm is ideal for salt shakers.
  • The powder form with salt crystals ranging from 0mm to 0.2mm is perfect for dusting nuts and popcorn.
  • The fine-grain form with crystals ranging from 0mm to 1mm is suitable for other general cooking purposes.
  • The coarse texture with crystal sizes ranging from 2mm to 3mm suits application in grinders.

This salt’s color ranges from pink to red due to a high concentration of minerals within the crystals.

The salt is Kosher certified, and organic which means it is free from allergens, GMOs, anti-caking agents, and MSG.

Which salt is good for health?

The chemical constitution of regular table salt is sodium chloride, an essential source of nutrients to the body.

Standard salt incorporates nutrients that boost biological processes in the body. However, Himalayan salt is a type of rock salt that seems to have surpassed the health benefits of ordinary salt.

Himalayan pink salt is similar in chemical constitution to table salt, but people speculate that it contains approximately 84 different trace minerals that contribute to its pink color.

Therefore, this salt is better than ordinary table salt thus better for health.

Where to buy rock salt in bulk?

If you want to purchase rock salt in bulk, you can find it in different stores such as grocery stores, health food stores, retailers, wholesalers, and online platforms such as Amazon.

  • Grocery stores

Grocery stores sell small units of rock salt, where you will find them on the spice aisle and bulk units available on the bulk section.

  • Health food stores

Regardless of the size, a significant number of small, independent, and chain health food stores sell rock salt in bulk.

  • Retailers and wholesalers

Large retail shops such as Walmart sell rock salt in both bulk and small units.

  • Online stores

Technology came with its beneficial side. Nowadays, you can order nearly anything and pay for its delivery to your doorstep.

Amazon is an online platform that sells and delivers goods in bulk or small units, including rock salt.

Where to buy rock salt for ice cream maker

Most stores that sell edible rock salt also sell the inedible types like rock salts for ice cream makers.

However, you will not find the salt for the ice cream maker on the same sections as the edible rock salts because they contain added chemicals to improve the cooling efficiency.

That said, you can buy rock salt for ice cream makers in home improvement stores, some wholesale and retail supermarkets, some grocery stores, DIY shops, some petrol stations, and online shops like Amazon.


Since you know where to find rock salt in the grocery store, we hope you can choose the best brand among the many available leading brands.

Go straight to the spice aisle on a shelf displaying other specialty seasonings to pick the rock salt that suits your preferences.

Also, be careful not to confuse between edible and inedible rock salt as the two types have different usage and chemical composition.