Where to Find And Buy Grape Leaves in the Grocery Store?

  • The grapevine plant produces these grape leaves, which are used in the cuisines of several cultures.
  • They can be cut into smaller pieces, which would be used as a savory and delectable addition to soups that include greens.
  • Furthermore, the grape leaves are pretty common in a number of recipes and dishes, such as meat and rice dishes.

Where to Find Grape Leaves in the Grocery Store?

Often, grape leaves could essentially be found in any popular and significant retailer or supermarket. The international aisle should be the first place to check if you search for unstuffed grape leaves.

You should precisely check the shelves having Mediterranean or Greek products.

The Deli area is likely to be the next convenient place to check, and some stores tend to provide grape leaves in the cold case accompanied by hummus and tabouli.

In case you miss them here, then the final spot to consider is the condiment and canned goods aisles. You are more likely to find canned or jarred grape leaves by the olives and pickled foods.

Finally, in case you have run out of luck and still cannot find the grape leaves, it is recommended for you to opt for online means in retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

What Stores Sell Grape Leaves?

Due to their impeccable market value, you can typically find them in any major supermarket or retailer. In case you run into trouble finding them, the following stores are less likely to disappoint you;

1. Amazon– This happens to be where you are likely to find unique and exotic products. You are likely to find fresh grape leaves of different options and brands, such as cortas and krinos.

There are also canned and jarred varieties from brands such as Yergat and Tazah.

2. Safeway- You will find both stuffed grape leaves and jarred leaves inherently smeared with brine in this supermarket. You will find a number of brands such as Divina, Peloponnese, Reese, and Krinos.

3. Ethnic markets- Grape leaves are very popular in markets from Mediterranean, Balkan, and Middle East countries due to the local cuisines that use the leaves.

4. Walmart- The online store will show you a number of quality options to choose from, such as Ziyad, Orlando, and Krinos grape leaves usually covered in vinegar brine.

5. Publix- This is the best spot for picking brands such as Krinos, Peloponnese, and Yergat.

6. Kroger- Highly convenient for the purchase of grape leaves found around the pickled goods area. These leaves are from sultana vines and are covered in vinegar brine which adds to the taste.

7. Whole foods- These stores are convenient for shopping for plant-based items. Grape leaves found here are Cedars, Divina, and Peloponnese.

8. Vons- Likely to have Orlando California Grape Leaves primarily in the canned section.

9. Local food store

10. Wegmans

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How Do You Get Fresh Grape Leaves?

For fresh leaves, you are advised to avoid plucking the first three leaves that grow. The other two or three leaves that follow can be plucked, and you then head to the next step.

Before harvesting, you should ensure the grape leaves are at least the size of your palm and can efficiently be wrapped around a filling.

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Does Trader Joe’s Sell Grape Leaves?

You can conveniently find a grade A worthwhile version of dolmas here. They are merely a classic Mediterranean food consisting of grape leaves stuffed with rice.

Does Walmart Sell Stuffed Grape Leaves?

The retailer also deals in a variety of grape leaves brands. You will, without a doubt, find Divina Stuffed Grape Leaves 7 oz at affordable prices.

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What is the best brand of Stuffed Grape Leaves?

However, this could go down to a person’s tastes and preference, but the recommend stuffed grape leaves are essentially the Emirelli Dolmas Stuffed Grape Leaves with Rice, Mediterranean Herbs in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (dolmas).

This meal will have you licking your fingers and asking for more.

Are any Grape Leaves Poisonous?

The grapevines and leaves, in general, are not poisonous to human beings. The Canada moonseed is often mistaken for grape vines which is hazardous because of the poisonous nature of the Canada moonseed.

What kind of Grape leaves are edible?

The wild grape leaves are recommended for consumption. They are leafy green and robust species that grow all over the globe.

Where to buy Grape leaves for cooking?

You can remarkably find them in the international aisle of major retailers and supermarkets.

Where to buy Grape leaves for Dolmas?

In most cases, the Sultana grape also referred to as the Thompson seedless, is usually preferred as the best grape variety with edible leaves used in making dolmas. They can be conveniently purchased in major retailers and supermarkets.