Where to Find And Buy Ginger Beer in the Grocery Store?

  • The spicy, acidic drink ginger beer is a popular ingredient in several cocktails and mocktails. It was first brewed as a non-alcoholic tea during the 18th Century in England.
  • But it has since evolved into a perfect addition to your favorite drinks. Ginger beer typically has a gingery flavor with a fizzy taste and can be hard to find in the grocery store.
  • Read on to learn where you might be able to find a ginger beer so you can keep bartender-nimble fingers wherever your summer takes you.

Which Grocery Store Aisle Ginger Beer In?

Many grocery stores carry ginger beer, and it should be found near the other sodas. It’s typically located in a section with other soft drinks like cola and root beer.

Keep an eye out for red and yellow labeling featuring a caricature of a man drinking from a bottle of ginger beer.

When purchased at a liquor store, ginger beer comes in 750 ml bottles for $5 to $6 depending on the brand purchased. A general grocery store would sell it for roughly $4 per bottle.

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What Stores Sell Ginger Beer?

You are probably more likely to find ginger beer at a restaurant, bar, or distillery than at a grocery store.

However, some places will have it available. Trader Joe’s stocks ginger beer in their stores, and Hy-Vee also has store-brand ginger beer available.

The grocery store Publix offers both Kraken Black Spiced Rum and Bundaberg Ginger Beer at some locations within the United States.

If you are looking for other varieties of ginger beers near you, check out your local liquor store or grocery store. Safeway and Kroger among others also sell ginger beer.

Ginger beer is not sold at places such as Walmart or Target since they do not carry liquor or alcohol drinks of any kind due to their policy regarding such items.

Furthermore, neither stores have ready-to-drink cocktails available for purchase.

Is ginger beer alcoholic?

Ginger beer isn’t actually beer. It’s a non-alcoholic beverage made with ginger, sugar, and carbonated water.

It’s got a slightly spicy flavor to it, sort of like ginger ale without the fizziness. Ginger beer is really good mixed into cocktails or just drunk by itself.

However, ginger beer can also be sold either alcoholic or non-alcoholic depending on the country. Ginger beer is not alcoholic but can be made alcoholic by adding a liquor of choice for additional flavor.

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What is the best brand of ginger beer?

When deciding the best brand of ginger beer, you must consider various factors including flavor, packaging, and price.

One of the most popular brands is Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer which has a 4/5 rating on Amazon with over 1,000 reviews left by customers who have purchased and consumed this product.

This particular brand can be used in making Moscow mules or for drinking on its own.

Is Fever-Tree ginger ale the same as ginger beer?

Fever-Tree brand ginger ale is not the same as ginger beer since it does not have sugar or yeast in it and is simply mixed with carbonated water while ginger beers are fermented, giving them their distinct taste.

Is ginger beer good for your stomach?

Ginger beer is good for your stomach; its antacid properties make it useful for relieving heartburn and indigestion, also known as dyspepsia.

Ginger is very good for your health, and ginger beer is loaded with the stuff. The spicy flavor will definitely clear your sinuses if you’re suffering from congestion.

Do you have to be 21 to buy ginger beer?

Ginger beer should not be consumed by children or people who are breastfeeding since its contents are not known to have any adverse effects. You would have to be above 21 to be allowed to buy the alcoholic type of ginger beer.

Where to buy ginger beer for the Moscow mule?

People who are wondering where they can buy ginger beer for making Moscow mules need to check their local liquor store if their state allows the sale of hard liquor in grocery stores.

A Moscow mule is made by taking 2 ounces of vodka (or any preferred choice of hard liquor), adding four ounces of ginger beer, adding ice cubes into the mixture then top it off with half an ounce of lime juice.

The glass used to serve the drink would include a copper cup which is why this drink is often known as a Moscow mule.

Places that sell ginger beer include Kroger, Walgreens, Publix, Whole Foods among others.

Is ginger beer sweet?

Ginger beer is not very sweet, it does contain sugar but that is offset by its distinct taste and spicy flavor thereby creating a unique beverage that is unlike anything else on the market today.

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